Monday, June 20, 2011

You Are The Best!

To all the Daddy's out there, Happy Fathers Day to all of you! I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day celebration. I hope your day has been extra exciting, wonderful and memorable by celebrating it with your family and love ones. Also, I hope you are pampered with not only token or gifts but also with so much unconditional love from your love ones.

As for us, hubby celebrated Fathers Day simply but very intimate. We just decided to stay home and make smoke salmon, our favorite appetizer whenever we dine at Houstons Restaurant. It was hubby's first time to cook it but it came out so great, just like it was done in Houston's. I gave hubby a small token of love and appreciation for being a wonderful father and husband. It wasn't the most expensive gift (like laptop, bb playbook tablets, kindle, etc) but I can truly see that he appreciate it so much and it makes me feel great. He has never changed; he is still and always become happy with everything that is given to him with love and sincerity. One of his greatness that I love the most.