Thursday, May 26, 2011

See Better On The Road

During blizzard, it is very difficult to see the road. I haven't been driving in this extreme weather condition but a friend of mine did this almost every day during winter. If you live up north where snow and blizzard often occur during winter, it is very important that you will have emergency LED Light Bar mounted in the front of your car. It is very useful when you need to illuminate a specific area while you are riding.

I know LED Light Bar doesn't come cheap but if it helps your driving safer and easier during worse weather condition or very dark road, then it is worthy.

It'sTime Once Again!

In few months, I have to renew my sticker for state inspection. I don't think I have a problem with my car but if in case there is something I need to buy for it to pass the inspection like bearings or power transmission; Reid Supply Company is the answer. They carry wide selections of industrial products and they have been in the market serving their valued customers since 1948. Visit their website for more information about their product and the company. Remember, only companies that care about their customers and render exceptional products and services that can last that long in the marketplace.

Anyway, I hope my state inspection will go well. I am looking for a new car but even if we will purchase a new car before then we still have to have my car inspected since we plan to keep it for now.

The True Meaning of Fun

Early this month, our barangay (village) in the Philippines had celebrated once again our yearly fiesta in honor of our patron saint. My family and our relatives had a great celebration. The festivity is usually highlighted with lots of food, drinks, dancing, karaoke, carousel and a lot more of fun stuff. The outdoor speakers that my brother has brought home from working abroad was very useful. It made the karaoke sounds better and louder. In festivities like this, the louder your sound system can get the better it is. In fact, the organizer will sometimes hold a contest "battle of the blocks" which means that the block of the community with the loudest sound system wins! This time of the year is considered to be the merriest time of the year in the community. I can't wait to experience it again! Hopefully soon!!!

Kudos to Mavs & the Fans!

The Mavericks won their 2nd conference championship title last night after beating the Thunders on their 5the game. After long years of drought after the 2006 win, Mavericks prove their worth again. 2011 Forbes magazine named Mavericks as the sixth most valuable basketball franchise in the United States after New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets.

Mavericks will face Miami Heat in the championship finals. Games 3, 4 and 5 will be at the American Airlines Center and tickets will be on sale at 10:00AM. Mavs memorabilia are now available in stores and in their website.

Congrats Mavs fans!

Overwhelming Rental Needs

Several cars in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex were greatly damaged from the hail this week. According to someone I know, she called all the car rentals in the area that accepts her insurance but she was no luck due to all cars are already leased. She even went as far as checking car rentals 1-2 hours away from DFW but she was told they have no car available to rent as of the moment. I know the hail had damaged a lot of cars but I never thought it is that worse.
I talk to hubby last night that we might go and check some cars in the nearby dealership. I am sure they will have a sale soon with their cars that were damaged by the hail. I don't know how cheap they can go but I have the feeling that we may be able to get a good deal. Oh, if you don't know we are still in the search for a car. It's been several months past already but we haven't find the car that I can call my own.

How about you? What did the last storm brought to you and your community?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Can You Spot the Difference?

Hardwood and laminate floor, can you spot the difference? If you are not a pro like me it might be difficult for you to recognize which one is which. Good quality laminate floor can look as elegant and as beautiful as the hardwood floor. The best thing is laminate doesn't cost as much as hardwood. Great look and great savings in one. Nothing can beat that for sure!

Now that we finally buy a new breakfast table. Looks like our next project is to change the carpet in downstairs to wood floor. Hubby has already shown me some pictures of laminate floor that he is considering to buy. I must say, that it looks just as great as the hardwood that was on the same catalog. I am super excited with our next project because I can already picture out how beautiful downstairs will look with the wood floor.

June Bride: Are you?

Getting married in June? Yes, we did! ... 4 years ago which makes me one of the June Brides... :-)

I know you heard a lot about the famous tag line June Bride but have you wonder what it mean. The meaning of the word is simple. When you are married in June, you are called June Bride. In the United States, June is a beautiful month. It is the start of the summer so it isn't very hot yet. It is also the time of the year when beautiful flowers fully bloom. June is a great time to get married outside, so if you want garden wedding, farm wedding or beach wedding this month is perfect for you. I think these are some of the reasons why June is a famous month for weddings.

In our case, hubby and I initially plan to have our wedding on the 8th of August (08/08) but due to some changes in the immigration law then we have to rush and wed in June to make sure we will be able to submit our paperwork before the immigration fees increases. You may wonder why I want to get married on August 8. I believe getting married on the 8th day of the 8th month of the year denotes luck (Chinese belief). However, getting married on the 8th of the 6th month of the year is also commendable because in Chinese belief both number 6 and 8 have good association.

Soon we are going to celebrate our anniversary. Sure, time goes by fast. I can still picture myself in my white wedding dress which I picked in the last minute among the 3 wedding dresses that I initially had an eye on. It was very small wedding but beautiful and very intimate!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful Day; Go Out and Play!

After the severe thunderstorm that engulfed Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex yesterday, a beautiful weather has replaced. Today, the sun is up and it is shining brightly in the clear sky. The wind is blowing but not that bad. It is just enough to cool down the air making the temperature warm not hot perfect for outdoor activities like strolling in the park, swimming in the pool or waterpark, gardening and grilling.

Today, we went to the park then I did some work in my garden while hubby was marinating the meat for grilling later that day. After working in the garden, we hang out in the patio while waiting for our food. The beautiful weather and the BBQ makes my day!

This is the kind of weather I love the most. Spring and Fall weather are my favorite except the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Active and Fit!

Okay. I am more serious now than ever in losing weight. So far, I already lost 8lbs but I still have 15lbs to go. I want to go back to my 110lbs weight and maintain it whenever I get to that weight.

What I do to lose weight? I am lessening the portion of food I eat every meal. I watch my daily calories intake to make sure I don't go beyond the recommended amount. I exercise almost everyday by either doing video exercises like cardio, taebo, pilates, yoga and go for a brisk walk and run outside, going around the neighborhood. I drink a lot of water and green tea.

I want to lose weight naturally. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against to those who wants to undergo surgery or take diet pills like lipozene to lose weight. In fact, I know of a friend who takes diet pills and she said her body is reacting to it positively and she is losing weight. I can't help but be very happy for her.

Weekend Is Here!

After a very busy week at work, I am very excited for the weekend to come so I can relax and just be home doing nothing. Indeed, thanks God it's Friday already! Yaaayyy!

Positivity Can Get You Through

Losing weight is much tougher than you thought it is. If you have thinner body built and don't gain weight no matter how much you eat then consider yourself lucky.

There are many people who will do everything and willing to spend enormous amount of money just to loose few pounds. Some would even go as far as undergoing cosmetic surgery, taking diet pills and engaging in strict meal program or rigorous exercise regime in order to lose weight. Worse, some would even starve themselves just to make it happened.

Our body is unique. It reacts differently to everything. A product may work with you but not with your brother or sister. For instance, fenphedrine may help you lose weight but not to others. Yes, it is helpful to ask your doctor and read reviews about the product or services prior to using them but always remember if it doesn't work for you, don't get discourage, just continue and search until you find the one.

Print Direct For Less

Every time I go to a business establishment, I always make sure to grab their business card. I do it just in case I need to contact them again in the future for any inquiries or business related opportunity. Oftentimes, I always end up using the business cards' information.

Company business cards vary in design; some uses company logo, eye-catching colors and other interesting feature of their company while others are just simple white paper with the basic information.

If I have to make my own business card, I would like to customize it. I would like it to show my personality and my business whereabouts. There are a lot of companies that offer customized business cards, postcards, brochures, mailing lists, magnets, door hangers, etc and printdirectforless is one of them. Visit their website to know more about their products.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Mothers Day!

Mothers Day had passed already but it doesn't mean we have to stop honoring our beloved mothers. We have to make sure that every day we make our mothers feels special, needed, respected and loved. You don't have to give her expensive gifts or flowers; a phone call, text or just a gesture of respect is a vivid way of showing them how much we value and honor them.

On Mothers Day, people go crazy in spending money and finding the perfect gift for their mothers. What is the unique mothers day gift you have given and received on Mothers Day?

I haven't received anything fancy on that day but my little guy made me a card and put up a beautiful art for me that hubby and I decided to frame it and hang it in the wall of our room or his room. As for hubby, he gave me shopping money and takes me to the mall to shop for few outfits on that day.

It wasn't the gifts, cards or money I received on Mothers Day that counts the most, it is the treasured time that I spent with my boys and loved ones that matters the most!

So Long!

I miss my family back home especially my mother. Most of the times, I wish I live closer to them so that I will be able to see them and talk to them as often as I can. I miss the simple, slow pace life I have back home. I miss the place, the people and the fresh food that I ate everyday.

As funny as it seems but I haven't realize that I had been eating organic food for the first 23 years of my life until my sister-in-law point it out to me in one of our conversations about eating healthy. I remember that if weather and time permits, my mother and I will go to the beach before daybreak and wait for small fishermen to come home so we can buy some of their catch. Since those fishermen go out fishing at night and come home early morning so their catch is definitely fresh and some are even alive. We normally cook fish soup in the morning or lunch and the soup of fresh caught fish is very good; kinda sweet.

Next year, I will be visiting them again and just like anyone else who has been away from home, I am very excited and I can't wait to set my feet again in the Philippines soil!

Summer Fun Is Here!

Texas summer is officially here! It is getting hotter now although we have an occasional storm cell dropping by every now and then. When you go outdoors, you will definitely need to dress up accordingly and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

This is the time of the year to get my shorts, flip flops, sandals, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, sun dresses, swimsuits/bikinis and my favorite prada sunglasses out and put to use. This is the perfect time to take your family and friends to the beach, lake, swimming pools and water parks to enjoy the warm water under the heat of the sun which is perfect way to get that beautiful natural tan that everyone wants to have during these months.

Summer has just started and there will be more hot months and wonderful summer days ahead of us this year. If you haven't made your plans where to go this summer, start putting your thoughts now!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hitched With Football

If you know me well, you know that football is my favorite sport. It isn't always my bet sport but it became my favorite 4 years ago.

It started when my husband took me to watch the game between Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts. That was my first time to formally get introduced to the game and I was privileged to watch live in the famous old Cowboys stadium. I remember I was so bored watching the game while hubby and our friends were having so much fun. That night I swear to myself that I will ready and study more about the game.

Every Sunday and Monday hubby would tag me along in front of the TV to watch football game until the day came that I don't have to be told that the game is on, I just sat in front of the TV and watched the game even by myself. I love rewarding myself with different football stuff especially with my favorite team, Dallas Cowboys, and I called them my football gifts.

Something about the game has enticed me to look into it more closely and learn more about it. It is fun and very exciting to me!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspired To Read

We went for the 1st then the 2nd and I would say that it never fails to entertain us including our little guy. He loves it and as parents we love watching it too. It isn't the kind of movie that is only intended to entertain young people. What I am talking about is the movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" (1st) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2nd). Have you and your little ones watch it yet?

If your kids isn't into reading but love this movie, buy the book and I am sure he will get hook into it in no time. Our little guy loves every page of it and he is looking forward to reading the 2nd book. I have no problem in buying him a copy since it helps him to love and see the good thing about books.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Technology = Convenience

Nowadays, everything is designed and made to make life more convenient, fun and productive. Every year new versions of electronic gadgets, cars, services, etc are brought to the market in the hope of advancing the way people live their lives. For instance, if you are doing inventory work or you are in the retail industry, the invention of cordless barcode scanner is very useful to you. It makes your work easier and handy without worrying the cord of your scanner will be caught with the things around you which oftentimes result work intervention. Some cars are manufactured environmentally friendly like the hybrid or good gas mileage. I can go more and more with my list and I am sure you do as well. One thing is for sure, next year and in the years to come, there will be more and more breakthroughs in technology that will be available to the consumer. Are you ready for a robotics world?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Family Homework

The little one has a report to make about Greek mythology. He picked Zeus as his character so hubby and I helped him research some interesting facts about Zeus. I copied and pasted some pieces of information to MS Word so I can print it later for easy reference. Then a surprise unfold when I am getting ready to print, the paper came out blank. At first I thought I didn't print the right page but the pop-up box told me that the black ink is out. What a day! The hp ink cartridges run out when I needed it the most! Great!

Hubby has to run to the store to buy ink while the little guy and I were home so he can start drawing the illustration for his report. The report requires the little guy to write the report in his own words. Basically, my task is just to help him whenever he has question or needs clarification about the subject matter.

When the report was finished, I was very much pleased on how the little guy takes pride in making his report with very little help from us. He is a big boy now! It is amazing how time flies quickly...

Sad Truth!

I know we all leave from this earth but whenever I heard some of the people I know were gone, it makes me very sad. It also reminds me of how short life is and no one really knows when our time will come. Live each day like your last is what we should do. I know we are very busy coping up with life's demands and pressures but I hope we never forget to show our love ones how much they mean to us and how much we love them.

To the bereaved families of the people I know who passed away, my deepest condolences to all of you. I know this is a very difficult time for y'all but just hand on and ask for strength and guidance from Him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Body Booster

Every day we are bombarded with a lot of life's demands and surprises which sometimes accompanied by stress or great pressure. Your job, kids and family activities can be very tedious especially if your kids and family are very active in their individual sports or civic activities. Deadlines at work can also be exhausting that long before day ends you feel already restless and tired.

That is what I feel sometimes when I am very busy whole week round including weekends for the little guy's football and basketball practices. Driving to-and-fro gym and house is tiring especially if you are caught in a heavy traffic. For me to last whole day and the entire week, I take body supplement which can give me extra energy and focus. Your body is just like a machine; it will breakdown if is over loaded which later requires maintenance and repair to restore to its full use.

Just a friendly reminder, talk to your doctor first for professional opinion and then boost your body with supplement that is good for you! Ask your doctor about myonox.

Help At The Lowest Point of Your Life

What happens to you and your family when you are injured and can't work anymore? For the breadwinners, how can you feed, clothe, shelter and provide your family at least with their basic needs if you aren't working anymore? The answer is SSDI.

What is SSDI? SSDI is the acronym for Social Security Disability Insurance. It is a federal insurance program, payroll tax-funded which is comes from a portion of the FICA taxes you pay. SSDI is established to provide you with income if you are unable to work due to disability or until your condition improves. If your condition doesn't improve at all, SSDI guarantees your income compensation.

Accidents at the workplace happen and it is really great to know that you have something to run to in case circumstances like this happen.

Do You Have The Right Pack?

Hikers, climbers and outdoor adventure seekers, listen! If you are always on the go and need a more reliable and comfortable backpack for your next backcountry adventure or nature trip Gregory Baltoro 65 Mens Technical Backpack is for you! It has an exclusive Response™ AFS technology which delivers a custom fit automatically. This pack has everything that an active and adventurous man like you need for fit, suspension and comfort that you need. If this sounds interesting for you, visit their website now. Due to high demand of these packs and limited supply, some of packs run out quick. It comes in small, medium and large size which caters to needs of all people regardless of height and size.

Greetings! Hear Yeah!

Just a time check here. Today is Thursday, a day before Friday and 2 days before weekend! I am so excited for the weekend so here I am....


Part Of Me

All of us have different inclination. I mean, some people love writing, computer and online games, shopping, horse back riding, diving or master the art of horse riding: equestrian. I grew up in a small town about 2-3 hrs away from the city but my first five years of existence in this world was spent in a very remote but very beautiful place where there was only our house and our farm around us.
Back then, our parents raised different kind of animals like cows, carabao (domesticated species of water buffalo), horses, goats and poultry. We used horses as our means of transportation to go from one place to another. So riding a horse isn’t really a new thing for me back then. In fact, I was very good at it. My parents bought me a riding shoes more or less liken to an equestrian boots for added comfort and convenience. I love those boots so much and it took me a long time to let it go. I still keep it even if it doesn’t fit me anymore. I only let it go when they bought me a new one. Trade in? Mom said and I said yes!
Most of our hobbies originated when we were young. We might not do it for a long time but at some point in the future you tend to look into it again and get back into it. One of my wishes is for me to be able to ride horses again in the near future, not only in one day but more frequent as possible.
Right now, I am just focusing myself with gardening. This is the newest hobby I have and I love it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sexy with Elegance and Class

Hahaha. I don't know what I came to my mind but I decided to buy a french maid lingerie. Maybe for a change, added excitement, curiosity or just for the heck of it; whatever your reason of buying one it doesn't really matter at all as long as you ended up loving if not liking your purchase. Also, french maid lingerie can be a good Halloween outfit especially if you are the type of person who goes to costume parties during Halloween. It is undoubtedly very sexy; so pleasant to the eyes.

Loving My New Hobby

I never thought gardening can be so addictive. Every time I am done doing some work in my small vegetable garden at the back, I feel so great; very rewarding. It is also very exciting watching the plants grow every day. I can't wait to harvest some of them and use them in cooking food. I can't wait to start eating organic vegetables again just like what I ate in the first 23 years of my life. This is my first time gardening and I am hoping this will be a success.

Come Sunday, I will be adding more plants in my garden. I plan to buy more eggplant, okra, spinach, string beans and some herbs. I want to maximize all the space I have in my garden. I guess I picked the right location of my garden in the backyard; it isn't very big but the shape gives me more room to plant more vegetables.

Be In, Look Cool!

You got it wrong pal. I don't hate hip hop clothing. I think it is cool. I like some of them but not all. Just like any other clothing line or style, there are some designs that fit you and there are others that don't. I know every individual is unique and different so if I see you wearing one I am cool. I know of some people whose likes hip hop clothing and she said that is where she normally shops around or check out the latest style. Not only they carry a wide selections of hip hop clothing they also offer a good price with a lot of sale items from time to time. If hip hop clothing is for you, maybe this is the store for you to look.

For The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Mothers' Day is just around the corner. If you haven't bought your mom a gift, beautiful flowers or edible fruits like the one from ProFlowers is one of the great gifts for the most important woman in our lives. You can have it deliver straight to your Mom which adds up to the excitement of that day. Most women, just like me, love surprises and of course flowers so I believe your mother will also appreciate it. Wherever you are or Mom is ProFlowers can reach her. Look for coupon online or discount codes usually given in radio shows for additional savings. Delivery for Mother's Day Flowers in Houston, ProFlowers is the answer. Choose from the variety of flowers in their website today and ship one to Mom on Mothers' Day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Baby Fever"

Last year, there were three couples we know who had babies either their first or second born. Guess what? The "baby fever" lingers and continue this year. Four couples we know are expecting, yes they are! Boys & girls: yes, soon there will more precious angels joining us in this world. Babies are so precious and they are always a joy to be with, to play with and cuddle and it is always fun buying baby stuff.

Aside from shopping clothes and other baby stuff, another fun part while waiting for the little one is the baby shower. I love going to showers and buying beautiful outfits for little one. For the mother to be, baby shower is a big help in making sure that everything you will need for the little ones like clothes, diapers and other baby stuff are available. Honestly, this will help the parents-to-be financially especially with our current economy. Gift baskets for new parents are also a very good gift ideas. Whether they are expecting a boy or a girl Cherry Moon Farms has something for them. Visit their website today to check out their gorgeous gift baskets for babies and kids.

This month, I will be attending 2 baby showers. So, time to go shopping for baby stuff y'all!

Strike Hard

The South has been greatly devastated by the series of severe thunderstorms, hail and destructive tornadoes. Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and some part of Texas had been greatly affected. Several properties had been damaged including houses, cars,etc especially from the hard hit areas. Last week's series of tornadoes resulted to hundreds if not thousands of homeless families. It was indeed a very devastating week for several people in the southern part of the country.

Just like the victims of Hurricane Katrina and other calamities, victims of the recent mother earth wrath is determined to rebuild their house and the community. They sure need help financial help but prayers and moral support will greatly be appreciated, I believe.