Thursday, March 31, 2011

Respecting Individuality

Everyone is unique and we make our decision and choices base on what we believe is right or wrong. Our choice may be influenced by our culture, tradition, and lifestyle but at the end of the day we all know that we have to take full responsibility of the outcome, good or bad.

I will be honest, I don't like smoking and I don't want any of my immediate family to get into it. Of course, I can't tell everyone on what to do especially the grown family members. My role is maybe to remind them by presenting fact and consequences of smoking. I would like my family to understand that smoking doesn't only pose dangerous to their health but also can cost them money that could have been set aside for rainy days.

Just like any clan, I have distant cousins and relatives who smoke and I respect them and their choice and they respect my views in return. Some of them are using cigarette but some smoke cigars. The older folks are ones the mostly prefer cigar. If they can't find any good cigar in the store nearby they use the internet to shop. They said that for a long time now they have been trying to buy dutch master cigars but didn't get the chance to materialize the plan. They ask me if I heard about it and I told them I didn't obviously because I am not into it.
How about you, what is your thought on this matter?

Warmer Weather On The Way Y'all

We had a very beautiful warm weather today after the cold weather this week. So far, it looks like we are going to have a very sunny and warm weekend especially Sunday when we have temperature on the 90's. Texas weather can abruptly change in just a blink of an eye. At one point you thought you will be wearing your shorts and sleeveless clothes only to wake up in the morning preparing long sleeve top and pants.

Definitely, I am very excited for the weekend to come. With the beautiful weather, I am sure my family and I will be able to enjoy my MIL birthday celebration. The weather is perfect for grilling and more outdoor activities for kids. Come Sunday, hubby's new and huge charcoal grill will be finally put to test. He said he is very excited to use it and feed everyone with his terrific BBQ recipe.

Sleek and Contemporary Theme

Hubby and I share the same interest especially when it comes to decorating our house. We both love sleek and modern contemporary decors for our house. We love colors but we very carefully pick the paint color that we use in our house. We want to make our house bright and elegant. Our decor is a conglomeration of Western and Oriental culture showing my Asian/Oriental origin and hubby's Western side.

To make the space look bigger, we choose to buy smaller sofa set and dining table for our formal living and dining downstairs. However, until today we still can't seem to agree as to what coffee table and side table we are using along with lamps and shades. I know what you are thinking and yes we are picky. We want everything to jive with our modern contemporary theme, so we are looking for a contemporary coffee tables ~ something sleek, elegant and have good quality.

Just like the other furniture, this search may take a while and a lot of store visits but we are willing to wait to get what we really wanted.

Honey-Do List

We bought our house brand new. It feels great to think that there was no one else who live in this house. It keeps my weird and crazy mind from imagining what happened to the families who used to live in the house especially if the house was previously owned by more than 1 family. It would be very hard to keep track of all the happenings.

The perk of buying a new house, of course, everything is new including appliances. The slight disadvantage is the house usually comes bare like you are the one who will buy the blinds, garage door opener and other cosmetics. In our case, we have to install the blinds and garage door opener. We didn't spend a fortune but sure it cost us couple of thousands because our house has several windows and it is around 2,500 sq ft.
Just like some of you, we have to do our honey-do list one at a time. We started with the blinds and some furniture in the house and now we finally decided to install a garage door opener. Manually closing and opening the garage especially on rainy, icy or snowy days is certainly a pain in the butt. Sometimes, I knowingly not park the car in the garage because I am lazy to open it manually.

Last month, hubby was searching the internet for ideas on what garage door opener consumer love. We consider both the affordability and the quality of the product. Since hubby doesn't finalize yet as to what garage door opener he is buying, I think my idea is still welcome. Knowing my husband, I think he will love liftmaster garage door opener parts. I don't know if he can but since parts are available he might be able to customize our garage opener to suit our needs.

Geez, I can't wait until our garage door opener is installed and get the honey-do list shorter! LOL

Thursday Hola!

Thursday Cocktail Love Pictures

to all of my friends from the East to the West! I hope all of you have a terrific and productive Friday. I wish all nothing but the best for the rest of the week, the weekend to come and forever. Love and kisses for all of you!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comfort and Convenience as One

In this modern and past-pace world, a lot of stuff is now brought to the consumer in the most convenient way. Consumers are now able to shop for their clothes, electronics, food, etc without leaving their home. With just a click of the mouse, they are now able to shop online just like they are shopping in the actual stores.

Things are not the only one available online these days. The courses which are used to obtain only in the classroom is now available online. Online education is very in these especially for busy parents or career-oriented individuals. Surprisingly enough there are a lot of courses or field of studies that are now available online. Because of my busy schedule at work, I once thought of taking some courses online for either management, business administration or IT related courses. I can get my online it degree easier and faster than I thought it will be.

Easy and convenience, that is what all type of businesses and infrastructures want to offer to their consumers. With more and more technologies and software being develop, it brings more convenient to people.

My Kid Loves Salad, Yours?

For the 2nd consecutive day, our little guy takes salad to school for his lunch along with his other knick-knacks. Yesterday was the experimental start and it was successful so as today. I was surprised how he loves the vegetable/fruit salad. He goes "Geez, I can't believe how I love the salad that you made for my lunch Tita". I went and check his lunch box and true enough he ate it all except couple of small cut lettuce and a slice of cucumber.

I told Dada about it and of course he is very happy and very proud of our little guy. Not a lot of kids at his age (8 and half) would love to have salad as much as he does. Well, he always love to eat salad but only very little portion and not an everyday thing. Now, he would like to bring salad to school for lunch and just alternate it with sandwich and tacos. We just put the stuff together he needs in separate Ziploc and he is the one who mix them all. He is such a big boy now! We are so proud of him!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Way to Healthier Me

My weight loss plan is eating healthy food and exercise regularly. I gained 15lbs since I came here in the US 4 years ago and I am seriously trying and finding ways to lose the excess weight in my body. I eat healthy food at the same time I lessen the portion of food I eat every meal. I am eating more vegetables like salad and fruits and more white meat and fish.
I also tried to do variety of exercise every week like I go to the gym and use the equipment there, run/walk around the neighborhood in the morning or afternoon, do some video exercises or lift some weights. I prefer lifting lighter weights, 5lbs and below, because I don't want to show huge muscles, I just simply want to tone down and get firmer. I know every individual has a different view when it comes to muscle building. Some people love to have more defined and bigger muscles and they use muscle building supplements along with muscle building exercises to achieve better result.

If you have tips and techniques on how to lose weight faster and build muscle naturally, please feel free to leave your brilliant ideas here ~ it will be greatly appreciated!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Warm weather, where art thou? Just like you, I can't believe how the weather changes from a very warm and beautiful weather at the mid 70's to 80's to a colder 50's. A week ago just when the weather gets warmer and warmer I decided to put away my winter/fall clothes only to find out that I do need them this week and maybe in the weeks to come.

Being here in Texas for 4 years you might think that I already get used to the crazy Texas weather but I guess I am not yet accustomed to it. I still remember it was warm outside when we went inside the restaurant on Saturday afternoon but a very surprisingly colder weather greeted us when we got out from early evening. Since then, the weather has been cold in the low 50's plus strong wind gusts which makes the wind even colder.

I hope Texas will get warmer again in the coming weeks. I am already tired of cold weather and I am so ready to get some sun as often as possible!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Job Market Demand

There are a lot of colleges these days that offer several technical courses that prepares you to be able to land a good paying tech job after graduation. In fact, we know of few people who are studying to get their certification for computer, mechanic and aircraft technician. Working and studying at the same time isn't easy for them, just like anyone else who is on the same shoes with them, but the dream of having a better future for themselves and their families are their hopes and inspiration to succeed. In one point of my life, I was even thinking of getting any certification related to computer since most computers or IT related jobs do pay good money. Who won't be tempted to earn more anyway? I happen to check couple of job ad website and I noticed that the most common job hiring is job tech jobs. So if you are thinking of getting into this career, I think you are on the right path.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warm to Cold

What happened to the warm and cozy Texas spring? Today's weather was very much of a surprise to everyone in Texas. For so many days now, we have a temperature on the mid 70's to 80's but today we abruptly dropped to 50's. I thought I am already done with the long-sleeve clothes so I already put them up but I am definitely wrong. I have to wear a jacket today because the strong wind gust is making the weather colder than what it is supposed to be. Oh well, Texas weather it is!

We haven't did anything much today except grocery shopping and grilling some food when we get home. No sun the whole day plus a colder weather can definitely makes you decide to just stay indoor and chill getting ready for the work week ahead. Watching movies and the computers have helped us a lot to entertain the young one keeping him from thinking into going outside.

Have a great work week ahead everyone! As early as today, I am already looking forward to the next weekend!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Looking Into the Future

Hubby and I always dream to start a small business someday although we haven't figure out yet on what kind of business we want. Tonight he was telling me some of the options that we might consider if we indeed decide to have one. There was the idea of pizza or frozen yogurt stores. He wants to engage in a business which he has knowledge on how it is run. He said that most people started their business using small business loans. He said that if we will apply for it we might be able to get it. I told him that I certainly don't want to have another debt aside from the house mortgage because if something happened to one of us, who will help the other pay off the business and mortgage loan. He answered; that is why we have life insurance and savings. If something happens, that money will be able to take care of you and our family.
For a second, I realized how big of a help life insurance will be to the family left behind. Pain of losing your love ones is almost unbearable how much more if you will also fear of losing your properties like your house at the same time. It would be dreadful, right? So, if you are one of the many people who don’t have life insurance, please re-consider to get one. If you are worried about the cost, life insurance isn't always expensive. There are a lot of insurance companies who offer great benefits for a decent payment. Don't just hop in into the offer of the first insurance company or insurance agent you talk to, please compare life insurance quotes. Just always remember, buying a life insurance is the best way to make sure that your family is taken cared of if your time comes.

Culture Intertwined

The airport environment is very diverse. Everyday you will meet different people from different part of the country or the world. Through your conversation with them, you will be able to learn a lot of stuff regarding the culture and tradition of the places they came from.

Being able to work in an environment as diverse as the airport is considered by me a great privilege. Aside from the fact that I love to work with people, I also love to hear their stories, their struggles and the huge adjustment that they have to do when they arrived in the US. Why I find those stories very fascinating? Simply because I can definitely relate with them! I once wear the same shoes!

Through our casual conversation, a friend told me that in Egypt, families who belong to the upper class of the society would give gold or gold bars a present to a couple who are getting married. Not only that, they are also known to give expensive gifts like cars, house, etc. She said that when her sister got married they have to give her a lavish wedding and generous gifts like giving them a car since her sister need one. (**drooling mode**)It must be very nice, isn't it? Oh, how I wish hubby and I were given a house as a wedding gift so we no mortgage to pay anymore! LOL ~~ What an easy life it would have been, right? hehehe

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rolling Like No Stop Ahead

Time flies! I almost can't believe that its March already. It's just like yesterday that we had Christmas then the start of the year 2011 but now spring break is just around the corner. One day, I was just lying in bed and staring at the ceiling I realize that my nephews and my cousins that were just children before are now grown up. All of these could only means one thing: I am getting older! LOL.

Anyway, another weekend is here! It will be a little busy Saturday for me because of our little guy's basketball championship game and awarding ceremony but I am sure it will be so much fun! On the other hand, Sunday will be a little mellow day for me and my family. No plans made yet so it means we will be basically hanging out in the house except when we do grocery shopping!

To everyone out there, may you have a productive and enjoyable weekend! Hugs!