Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here's More On Weight Loss

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Much Joys On Your Birthday!

To my dear friend and to everyone else who is celebrating their birthdays today:

Happy Birthday MySpace Comments

May you all have a blessed and wonderful birthdays! I wish you all the BEST that life may offer and cheers to many more birthdays to come! Enjoy your day but don't forget to hola for your party! LOL

Adam's World

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What Is Sensa?

What makes sensa different from the other weight loss product? Sensa advertises that weight loss can be achieved without dieting, exercising or taking body supplements. All you have to do is sprinkle sensa powder in your food before eating and this will help your body feel fuller quicker to avoid overeating. Sensa is said to work through the science of olfactory senses. While eating, the person's taste or smell receptor will signal the brain to release hormones sooner signifying a full feeling. This keeps the individual not to overeat and avoid the feeling of hunger inside which prevents craving for more food. Perhaps the question is, does sensa work? I guess it depends. Just like any weight loss products, it may work to some but not to everyone. If you want to know more about the product, please visit

DFW Metroplex Weekend Weather Update

I haven't been outside yet but judging on what I saw I can tell that we have a very beautiful weather - warm and cozy. I slept in today since I am off and when I woke up I watched a movie that is why I am still here in the four corner of our room.

Now, the little guy keep on bugging me to get up and get dress so we can go somewhere since I promise him that I will take him to the park if he will keep quiet and stop coming to the room so I can enjoy my movie. The barter works perfectly but now it is my turn to fulfill my promise to him. He said I owe him and he is now asking for the payback! LOL

By the way, hubby just called and he told me that we are supposed to be in the mid 70s today. Wow, what a nice weather ~ perfect for outdoor activities! Ok, Texans enjoy the weather, who knows what tomorrow is gonna be like! :-)

My Drive To Becoming Fit

Back to weight loss topic. I apologize; I just can't over this subject. This has been in my mind lately especially now that I am really determined to realize my goal no matter what happens. My weight loss program involves a very simple formula: healthy and small portion of food and daily exercise. After a month, I will see what good things this weight loss plan brings to me. If it isn't working, I will use my plan B which I won't share for now because I am simply hoping plan A will work. :-)

It is true; there are different weight loss programs vailable in the market nowadays. Most of them are quick fix to the problem like taking weight loss supplements, diet pills or undergoing a cosmetic surgery or strict diet plan. There is nothing wrong with them but I want to do it the natural and healthier way.

I am positive I can achieve my goal if I strive harder. I know it won't be an easy journey but I hope I will be able to endure all the hardships along the way. Eating smaller portion of food will be very challenging to me especially that I love to eat whereas I can see no problem in eating healthy food since I mainly eat vegetables, fish and fruits on a daily basis.

Okay, I promise I will keep you all posted. Wish my luck guys!

Friday, February 25, 2011

It Is For My Boys!

Hubby and I decided to buy the little guy a PS3. Hubby said he likes PS3 better than the other game gadgets since we can play DVD's on it. Upon purchase of the PS3, we found out that we can access Netflix on it so we decided to get on a monthly subscription and man it is very cheap for only $7.99 a month.

Since, I am not really into online or computer games I leave my boys alone. When the PS3 arrived hubby thought he was missing a PS3 HDMI cables. He was very sad because without it our flat screen TV won't be compatible. He keeps on going back and fort from the desktop computer to the TV then to the PS3 and so on and so forth. I saw the disappointment in his face since it has been several minutes passed and he was still not able to realize if it will work or not.

Thanks God, before that night ends, hubby was able to figure out the connection and the little guy and him played game until dawn. The product was delivered on the weekend so it was just perfect or else they can't stay late and have fun with it.

I must say, it is a good buy so far!

On To A New Beginning!

Lately, my schedule at work changed. I moved to an earlier shift which I honestly loved. Of course, I miss everyone with my previous shift but I am happy that I am now able to go home early or go to the gym everyday since I have already a lot of time to do it after work. It was a little hard to change my wake up time in the morning, after all I am not really a morning person but I managed to do it for 2 weeks now.

Aside from waking up early, the other thing that I am not looking forward to is the traffic especially going home in the afternoon. It so happened that my new schedule ends during rush hours in the afternoon. Hence, I decided to just devote my time in the gym until the traffic mellows down. I was thinking that instead of being stuck in the traffic for 45 minutes, I would rather use it to sweat my weight off in the gym.

My Quest to the New Me!

Officially, I am back to my weight loss goal! Yes, you guys heard it right! Last week I officially launched my own weight loss journey. For the past couple of months my weight has been fluctuating - going up and down. Now, that I was moved to an early shift at work. I already have a lot of time to hit the gym everyday. I was also thinking of joining the yoga or boot camp classes at the gym to give variation to my daily workout regime. I been very careful with what food I eat and the portion of the food I eat. Alongside with the daily exercise, I also do the after six diet which means I won't eat anything except fruits or vegetables after 6PM at night except for weekends. Weekends is sort of the time of the week when I treat myself for being good the whole week.

I know some people are taking the easy route in losing weight like undergoing cosmetic surgery or taking diet pills but I want to do it slowly and natural. Print or TV ads has been talking about best diet pills available in the market today which according to some consumer have helped them get back in shape. Everyone has a choice and I respect them with their decision. I guess, as long as, it is properly monitored and recommended by their doctors I think it is okay. So for everyone out there who have been in the same journey with me, I wish you all the luck! Well, 10 more lbs and slight toning and I will be ready for summer!

Red Nose on February

Yesterday, I woke up with a red spot in the upper part of my nose. I was thinking it might be rushes or worst a pimple. Shocks! I hate pimples that is for sure, who wouldn't anyway!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to put on even light make up to fully freshen up my face! I had no spare time to do it. I woke up late so I have to hurry up leaving the house to give me ample travel time to work. Friday is always hard for me especially I have to be at work very early in the morning which isn't my regular schedule all throughout the week.

When I get to work some of my co-workers notice the red spot in my nose. Great, isn't it? LOL. I was thinking this is my fault because I am just too lazy to clean my face every night. I think I need to start washing my face to remove dirt or make up, perhaps use face wash for acne or just any facial wash. I don't have a very sensitive skin, thanks God but I know I still have to clean it to avoid pimples, acne or any infection.

He Is Truly Amazing and I Loved It So!

I know this is a late Valentines Day update but oh I figure out that since we are still in the love month (February) so I am still good to go. To start off, I will say that I have the most memorable and the most exciting Valentines Day ever. It has nothing to do with the material things that I receive on that day but it has something to do with the thought that goes with those things. I love surprises, yes I do and my loving husband never fails to surprise me amidst of his busy schedule at work. I feel very much loved and cherished on that day, yes I did!

Well, it started with chocolate coated strawberries delivered at work. Oh, I must admit it was very beautiful and tasty. I called him and thank him only to find out later that day the other surprise that he prepared for me. Just couple of hours before I left work on that day, a UPS delivery arrived at my desk. When the man approaches me I jokingly told him that he got the wrong lady since I already received mine in the morning, but he asked me if I am ******, he mentioned my name. So I said yes and he told me in return that the box is for me. Yes, I saw my name on the box and it was 2 dozens of beautiful roses.

He sure did know how to surprise me, isn’t he? He knows that I would expect something sent or delivered to work on that day but he knows that I won't expect a second delivery that is why he did it to spice it up. That day culminated with a very nice dinner at home with food prepared and cooked by him for the three of us (me, him & the little guy).

Friday, February 18, 2011

To Buy or Not?

Few months ago, we were still contemplating whether to buy another flat screen TV for our formal living room downstairs. Guess what? Until this day we haven't made a decision yet. However, since the 42" Samsung HDTV that hubby keeps his eye on is on sale at the website which offers discount for all employees at work, we are leaning on the thought of buying one. We will temporarily put it in our bedroom until we can decide on whether to put it in the formal living room or somewhere else in the house. If we decided we don't need a TV downstairs then this would be a big treat for me and hubby having a good size flat screen TV in our room - this would mean no more wearing eyeglasses or contacts for me whenever I watch TV. Yay! Oooppsss, I guess this is too early for a little celebration. Before falling in love with this thought, I will make sure first that hubby's mind didn't change. If it does, then let me see what my "woman power" can do to get a YES answer. LOL

For You With Love

After almost 2 hours of basketball practice for the little one, we are finally home and now I am getting ready to cook dinner for hubby. I know it is kinda late already considering that it is already 8:43PM but it doesn't matter since hubby won't be home until past 9pm. Tonight's cook to order entree from the chef, yours truly, is my very own spicy beef with green pepper and onions. This is one of hubby's favorite so I am just so excited to finish cooking and serve this to him as soon as he gets home. It's been a while since the last time I cooked this so he would be thrill to know what we have for dinner.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Earlier, The Better

The last thing that a man would like to know is being fooled to father a child that isn't his. This situation doesn't only happened to few men in this country but to thousands and more so, millions of men around the world. Becoming a father is the greatest gift of all that a man could ask for; however, it will be a man's nightmare to find out in the end that the child that he loves, devote his time with and support financially is of no relation to him. Under any circumstances, I mean if you happened to be in doubt, please by all means get a DNA or paternity testing. With the most advance technology that we have today, determining parentage isn't a problem anymore. Don't wait until it is too late or when truth determination can already jeopardize the life of the precious soul who has no control with the situation he is in.

Happy Day!

It is a terrific day indeed! I just put down the phone after talking to my dearest friend for more than an hour. :-) Actually she is not just a mere friend, she is like a sister to me that I never had. Yes, I heard one of the best news someone would like to hear from their loved ones. New life! New beginning to the already terrific relationship. It is very nice to hear and I can't be happy enough for them. I can't divulge any further nor I can't name "names" yet but soon I will definitely make a shout-out to the whole world as to what I am talking about. As for now, good night everyone and Happy Friday y'all!

Affordable But Great Insurance Coverage

There are several insurance companies nowadays that claim they are better than the rest due to the huge discount or savings they can offer to their consumers. For instance, the TV or print ads of car insurance W and X deliberately use numbers to show how much a consumer saved over car insurance Y and Z. Using the numbers they hope that they are able to convey their idea of great savings to the consumers and in return they hope for more business. Most advertisements are really very enticing. However, have you asked yourself which of these self-professed cheap auto insurance companies do really offer cheap and quality insurance coverage? Simple question but the answer isn't that easy after all. Yes, you are entitle to your own opinion, I have one too. No, I will not name insurance companies here but all I can say is so far, we are very happy with our car insurance company. We got our money's worth and that's what matters!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Samsung Behold to Gravity?

I used to be very particular with my cellphone. I had few cellphone casing that I alternately use depending on my mood or the occasion. Cellphone list. Yes, I used to have a list of cellphones that I want to have but I lose interest with them couple of years ago even if I have the means to own one. How? I don't know.

I just came to a point that I could care less on the kind of cellphone I carry. Different networks sent me flyers or letters with the hope to entice me to take advantage of their new phone or services but I always declined. However, after dropping my old phone several times it stop working and I was forced to look for a new one.

I feel in love with Samsung behold. For the record, I always love Samsung phones and I always want to own few of them. I have been using my Samsung behold for 2 years and I am very happy and contented so far. However, I am considering of changing to Samsung gravity lately. I read a lot of good reviews about this phone and some of my friends, who own one, have highly recommended it. The phone looks sleek and sophisticated and it has the feature that I would like my phone to have. However, I will be doing more searches before I will decide if this phone is the right one for me.

I love my Samsung behold and I guess I will also fall in love with Samsung gravity. I don't change phone too often so I want to make sure this is what I wanted.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Books, Less PC Time

Weather has been very crazy lately. Wherever you turn your eyes, you will see the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is all white and I must admit it is very relaxing. The disadvantage of this kind of weather is driving on the sleek and wet road which is dangerous to the driving public, including me, who is not used to this road condition.

It's been a mess since Tuesday, when we had the first snow and sleet precipitation and the streets were then covered with snow but with more ice. All throughout the week, several establishments closed. The 2 airports in the DFW area have to momentarily stop their operation while waiting for their runways to clear and become safe for take off and landing. We have no work Tuesday and we have to open late in the last 3 days and it gave me so much time to read the books that I borrowed from the library.

I really want to go back to my favorite hobby, reading (books, novel, magazines, et cetera). I borrowed more books yesterday from the library and I am more determined to read all of them before Friday comes.