Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being A Consumer

Let's accept it, everyone is different. Some people loved expensive/branded stuff while others are contented with less expensive stuff as long as quality is good. Some people doesn't smoke or drink while others drink or smoke occasionally if not habitually. I can go on and on with more examples of to show how unique every individual. These days, most consumers would like to sample new products prior to buying huge quantity of product to make sure if they like it or not. For instance, people who smoke wants to buy cigars sampler to avoid waste of money. At this time when economy is difficult, it is very important to be a wise buyer. If you think you don't need the product don't buy it. If you aren't sure if you will like it, buy a small amount or quantity and start from there.

So Far So Good

It seems like this year has started off with a lot of birthday parties. It's been a very busy start of the year with the New Year celebration opening it. At the middle of this month, I had my birthday. Hubby insisted to host a birthday party for me but I politely declined it since I only want to have an intimate family celebration. Moving on, I had 2 of my closest friends who turned 50 this month and both of them have a huge 50th birthday party. The first one is Ate Tess, who has the same birthday with me and she had her party last weekend while Ate Fe will have hers this coming Saturday. To top it off, the family gathering for my birthday will be this coming Sunday. Sure this month starts busy and ends busy as well.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Loss Weight The Healthy Way

I know I have been talking much about losing weight lately but here is one more thing that I want to add. Although losing weight naturally through regular exercise and eating healthy food is more recommended; I think getting help from cleansing products or over the counter appetite suppressants is not bad at all. However, before taking anything it is still best and recommended to ask your doctor’s opinion about it especially if you are on any medication. Remember, whatever you take it will affect your body in one way or another. So be very cautious! It isn’t wrong to lose weight but the healthier the process the better it is for you and your body. Good luck to all of us who are determined to achieve the weight and looks that we once had and we want to become! Just, stay healthy my friends!

Old Movies and Us

Again, my husband is watching a very old movie. Yes, it is very old that either he or I wasn't born yet at the time that movie was made. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love watching movies like in fact I am currently watching one while writing this. Why I love it? Simple. It helps me understand and visualize what the old times like that I just always read on books. Yes, some movies are really very old that they are still in black and white but man the story is great and the actors were superb.

Next time, I will tell you more about our old movies night marathon. For now I have to go since the old movie that we are currently watching is getting very exciting. Until Next time y’all!

Your Lifestyle Is You

Part of living a healthy and fit lifestyle is to make sure that you are eating the right kind of food and you are exercising regularly. This might be an easy said than done but by doing so you will be sure that your body is taking cared of and it can function fully.

These days, there are several body supplements and body cleansing products that you can use to help you detox your body. But just like using any other product, you have to be careful in choosing which cleansing product to use. For instance, if your main purpose is to undergo a colon detoxification, make sure you are using a colon cleanse that works.

Don’t just believe in what you see on TV advertisement or read in the papers; read product reviews or ask your doctor about it. The more information you will get about the product the more you will know if it works or if it is the right one for you. However, don’t make it a habit to rely to this product solely. Exercise and eat healthy and you will never go wrong.

January: The Month to Remember

January is a very memorable month for me and my family. My nephew and I are celebrating our birthdays in this month and it is also my parents wedding anniversary. If only my family and I are closer, I would love to hold a big party to celebrate these three very important moment days. Since I am far, all I can do for all of us is to wish each and everyone a terrific 2011 and of course good health, more love and understanding for all of us and to everyone who has been a part of our family through thick and thin. I love you guys!

To all of you who are born in January, Happy Birthday! Way to go Capricorns and Aquarians!

I Will Make It Real

I was feeling a little tired as my work day ends. Despite of that, I tried my best to make a stop at the gym. Although, I wasn't there very long than I really wanted but I am happy that I am able to keep up with my plan to be at the gym at least 4 times a week. Going to gym on regular basis is part of my weight loss plan that I want to accomplish before the middle of this year. I know this isn't an easy battle especially with very cold weather and my hectic schedule but I am determined to make it happen.

I know you will agree that different people has different way of losing weight. Some are following a strict diet menu plan, undergoing cosmetic surgery, regular exercise, taking diet pills or best diet supplements available in the market today. For me, exercising regularly and watching the food and the portion of the food I am eating is the best way for me to lose weight. I weighed myself today and I already loss some weight. The amazing result has even encouraged me to do a lot more time to exercise!

American Idol Is Back!

American Idol started tonight at FOX and their first stop is New Jersey. I had watched a part of it and I think there are several great talents that are auditioning in this season just in Jersey alone. I am sure this will be another grand hit season for the most awaited and glamorous talent search in the country. It is very exciting to see the great talents that this American Idol season will introduce to their fans. I am sure the fans will have many more surprises to see as the season unfolds.

Light Renovation On the Way

Hubby just painted another wall in our house to add to the accent walls that we currently have. I think it come out really nice and it adds a lot of style and new look to our living room. Now, he thinks of changing the wood rails in the staircase and the game room upstairs to rod iron. He also suggested to me that we have to change the carpet to wood floor in the lower level of our house and added some glass tile as a back splash in our kitchen counters. Honestly, I am sold with all his minor renovation plan except for the glass tile back splash. He said he has been to one of the model homes in couple of new neighborhood in the area and he saw couple of houses that uses glass tile for the back splash and it looks terrific. These are not urgent projects but he would like to show me his "inspiration" for coming up with the idea of this plan renovation. We will be visiting some houses in the weekend and I am excited about it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Living Healthy and Fit

I fully commit myself to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. Since we have a gym at work for all employees, I decided to might as well use it. After work no matter how dark it is, I drop by in the gym along with my co-worker who is my workout buddy. At first, it feels like a torture turning the wheels to the other direction other than home. LOL. Looking back, it was very hard to do this especially on the first week but once I have it going I feel a whole lot better and I even look forward to do it after work. I also noticed that workout after work can help me release some stress or pressure that I might get as my day at workday progress. Losing weight is one of my new year's resolution and so far I am doing well in keeping up with it. I am now on the 3rd week of being back to the gym and I must say I love what I see so far.

Amidst Cold

Arggghhh! You heard it right! This too much cold is getting annoying and very uncomfortable especially if you need to be out of the house often. If I know I have to leave the house early the next day, I make sure to park the car in the garage so I don't have to worry about foggy or icy windshields and windows. Also, I don't have to endure the freezing cold while waiting for the car to warm especially if I don't have enough time to warm up the car before I hop in.

While inside the house, I keep myself warm by wearing layers of thick clothes and wrapping my electric blanket around me. Yes, the house is heated all throughout but sometimes I still feel cold especially if I get to the tiled part of the house. Hubby sometimes tease me how bulky I look with my thick clothes but I don't care as long as I feel warm and cozy in it. After all, I believe that it doesn't make sense to dress lightly just to look cute or hot and get sick in return. LOL

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Superbowl at Cowboys Stadium

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is now getting very busy preparing everything for Superbowl XLV which will take place February 6, 2011 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. After Sunday's game, the AFC Champ (winner between New York Jets vs. Pittsburg Steelers) and NFC winner (winner between Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears) will meet in Dallas Stadium to determine their final fate as to who will bring home the Superbowl ring and title home. Within the Superbowl week, there will be a lot of pregame parties, concerts and celebrity events all over the metroplex. For NFL fans, attending the Superbowl isn't just a championship NFL game between the AFC and NFC divisions champs but fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Events to Remember Coming Soon!

After the little guy's game today, I dropped by in the store to look for dresses. It wasn't a wasted trip and I wasn't disappointed either because I was able to buy 2 dresses that I plan to wear tforthe 50th birthday party of two of my very good & close friends which will happen before this month ends. Aside from the dresses, there are also some accessories I found that fits with my outfit. I also found some beautiful beads and beading tools that I can use if I opted to make jewelry accessories myself. Of course, the outfit won't be complete without shoes and clutch, so I also look for them; unfortunately, I haven't find one. So, tomorrow the search will continue and my personal consultant, my dear hubby, will join me with the search. I know tomorrow will still be very cold but I am determine to finish shopping so that I don't have to worry about anything and I won't be rushing again to buy what I needed. for the events. After all been said, tomorrow seems long day in the mall for me & hubby. Good luck baby! LOL

Basketball Is The New Sport

We enrolled the little guy in basketball. Today was his second game and just like the first game they won! Being a neophyte in playing basketball, I would say that he is doing good. However, he still doesn't fully conceptualize how the game is played. As what hubby & I had observed, he is still confuse what to do when his team is on defense or offense.

Today, he was way better in defense than offense but the coach & us (hubby & I in the sideline) have to keep reminding him to stay with the player who has the same wristband color with him. Later on in the game he already remember to do the latter. What's funny is he still stay with the player he is guarding even if they have the ball. LOL. Oh, here's the most funny, when he has the ball he has the tendency to carry the ball just like he does in football instead of dribbling it. When I asked him why he tend to do it, he told me that he forget he is playing basketball and not football. LOL.

Anyway, hubby plans to practice him shooting the ball. He needs to have control on how far the ball should go so that it won't be off the ring. LOL. We are planning to take him to community center so that hubby and the little guy can practice more. I guess my two boys will have to spend more time together enhancing the little man's moves...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sometimes Reality Sucks

When I left Philippines, my vision was still very good although I am not sure if it was still 20-20. Couple of years after I arrived here (United States), I just realized that my vision slowly deteriorate. It truly hits me when I went to the DMV to get my driver license and I wasn't able to pass the eye exam and was told to go to my eye doctor to have an eye exam.

Since then, I need eyeglasses to see far clearly. Whenever, I use the computer either at work or home, I need to use large font so I can comfortably work without wearing my eyeglasses. When hubby realized with what I am doing, he suggested that we need to change our desktop computer's monitor to a bigger screen so that I can still see everything while comfortable sitting at a good distance from the computer. I was very happy to hear about it. With the wide selections of monitors available in the market today, we had a hard time deciding what to get but after several brainstorming sessions we finally buy one.

I know, call me stubborn but I don't want to wear my eyeglasses all the time. I don't think I am still in denial of my situation. I think it is more of being uncomfortable while wearing it. Last year, I tried wearing contacts for 2 weeks but didn't like it. Just couple of days ago, I went back to my doctor and asked to be prescribed with contacts. I am still adjusting to it especially getting used in putting the contacts in my eyes and having it in my eyes for hours. Hopefully, this will work at this time because I am more comfortable wearing it. Otherwise, I will just go back to using my eyeglasses whenever I needed to wear corrective lenses.

Proud Wife

This maybe a late post but I can't help to share this to all of you. Last Sunday, hubby and I did our weekly grocery shopping in one of the big supermarket chain in the country. located few minutes from our house. We were patiently waiting in the check-out counter when I heard hubby saying "I'll pay for it" at the same time pulling his wallet off from his pocket. The older lady whom the cashier was currently helping looked at me and say thank you both. I just realized that hubby offered to pay for the rest of the grocery that the lady where putting aside because she isn't sure if she has enough money in her food stamp card. When we get to the car, hubby said that he offered to pay for the rest of the stuff because hubby saw that all of those are food like bread, rice and peanut butter. Otherwise, he would have not do it. After that encounter, I am left nothing but pure admiration for my husband for being a kind and generous person especially to those who really need of help.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Store Rush

One of the famous gifts for Christmas or any occasion is electronic gadgets such as Iphone, Ipad, blackberry, blackberry playbook, laptop or netbook. Holidays shopping is one of the busiest days in the mall or stores nationwide. People are busy fulfilling their long Christmas wish lists for their loved ones. Consumers are different from each other. There are some who doesn't mind the price of the product, whenever they see what they like they buy it without doing price comparison. Those are the impulsive buyers. However, there are some who are wise buyer, who wants to make a price comparison first before purchasing. Which one are you? For me, I surely belong to the second group of consumers consumers I mentioned here.

Feel Safer On the Road

When on the road, it feels safe knowing that there is help available in case you have a problem with your car. Thanks to roadside assistance club, immediate and round the clock assistance are now available to the drivers nationwide. Just remember that just like any machine, there is always a chance that you will encounter a problem with your car especially during long drives. The fun and exciting road trips and driving to your favorite vacation destinations can now be more enjoyable and comfortable. Yours and your loved ones are now secure that if things go wrong on the road, y'all will not stay out in the cold or warm weather the whole night waiting for some good Samaritan to give you a left or a police offer to drive by. Wherever you go, always keep the road assistance number with you. You'll never know when you'll need it!

Young At Heart?

I do know about you but I was once hooked up playing Super Mario few years back. I know some of the teens at that time was so indulge with online interactive games like Dota, Khan, Warcraft, etc but not I am not. Call me old fashion but I love Super Mario until this day.

During Christmas, we bought few DS games for the little guy and Super Mario is one of them. I know this isn't the same version that I used to play back then but I am still excited to try it. I am currently waiting for the DS to be available since hubby is playing it.

Hahaha. I know it is funny. It seems like I am back to the old days when I have to patiently wait for my counsin/s turn to be over so I can sit down and play Super Mario.... :-)