Friday, August 19, 2011

Fruits of Labor!

I am very pleased to share to all of you how my vegetable garden is doing well especially my okra. I can't believe how many okra I harvested everyday. Most of the time, I can get 4-5 okra everyday and this okra aren't small, they are very long and big. I guess, everything is really huge in Texas, huh!

Without any doubt, I am going to do vegetable gardening again next year and I will even plant more vegetables and I will start early also so that my tomatoes and peppers can bear more before extreme summer heat starts.

Here is a picture of my okra and other vegetable that I harvested from my garden.

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Gardeners Land said...

nice! those okra looks longer. love gardening too. its nice to do gardening, its feels good to eat the fruits of our labor