Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunshine In My Life

Okay, I have to admit that I have been spoiled by my husband with beautiful flowers and gift baskets during special occasions. During Valentines, Mothers Day and our wedding anniversary, I received beautiful roses and other kind of flowers in my office. It was really a great surprise for me. Yes, I know my husband will always do something special during special occasions but the timing and the way he will deliver the gifts is something I still can't predict. I think it is very romantic and full of excitement and I love it so much.

My husband will always pick a flower or gift to my liking and wishes. He knows me so well that he already knows which floral arrangement value I would love the most. Actually, the price of the gift doesn't really matter; what matters most is the thought and the note that goes with the gift.

As my husband and I continue our journey to the future, I am sure there will be more flower and gift deliveries during special occasions. I think later on the flower company that hubby always buy the flowers and gifts will give him a membership for a lifetime and hopefully discounts as well.

I love flowers and I crave and appreciate surprises and excitement! Don't you?

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