Thursday, July 7, 2011


Everyday, it is getting hotter and hotter here in Texas! Everyone is hoping for rain since the soil is getting very dry and the water level is getting lower. The plants that aren't watered everyday are withered. This is just a sign that summer officially kicks in.

However, time will just go by quick and soon winter will be here. It will soon be cold if not freezing cold and everyone will start to turn on their heater and start building fire in their fireplace. As early as now, some of our friends are now renovating their fireplaces and adding fireplace mantels. If your fireplace doesn't seem to be the focal point in your living or family room, try to add fireplace mantel to it. I have seen a lot of houses whose family room have changed a lot by simply adding fireplace mantels to their fireplaces.

Do a research and check which fireplace mantel suit best for you and your home, then start planning for your renovation. If you are a handyman, then renovation as simple as this won't cost you a buck for the labor.

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