Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is It Time For A Change?

Hubby got very frustrated one morning because I called him twice but he couldn't hear me on the other line. He tried to call me but the same thing happened. My network signal is full so I don't think it was the problem; hubby thought it might be my cellphone. Let me tell you why he said that.

My cellphone isn't new but not one of the very old model. It is touch phone with 3G and WIFI feature. I have a Samsung Behold but hubby always insist that I should buy a new phone either the new Samsung, LG or iphone. He always ask me several times if I want a new phone and I always insist that my cellphone is still okay even if it is already 2 years old. Sometimes I think of giving up to my hubby's request anyway there is nothing wrong about getting a newer phone. Maybe then we won't have any moment when we have trouble hearing each other during calls.

If I have to get a new phone, I would prefer to have an iphone. Let's see what I will actually get when I decide to let go of my behold. :-)

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