Friday, July 1, 2011

Hardwork Pays Off

I am not being conceited but I think we have one of the most green and well-manicured yard in the neighborhood. Thanks to my wonderful husband for diligently cutting and trimming the grass every week. Yes, you hear it right; he does it every week on his day off.

Sometimes I come home from work and I see my husband mowing outside. Since it is getting too hot here in Texas, late afternoon is more sense. Having a beautiful yard isn't a joke. On the other side, it is a great form of exercise especially when you have to push your lawn mower back and forth across your yard for an hour.

One time, I jokingly told hubby that he will not worry because our yard will always be maintained beautifully even when we are older because I will buy him a mower that he can just ride on it; no need to push like ariens mower. He replied, well you just have to enjoy that picture in your mind for now because I still have long way to go until my old age. LOL. I am glad he has a great sense of humor aside from being a hard working and wonderful husband!

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