Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Mothers Day!

Mothers Day had passed already but it doesn't mean we have to stop honoring our beloved mothers. We have to make sure that every day we make our mothers feels special, needed, respected and loved. You don't have to give her expensive gifts or flowers; a phone call, text or just a gesture of respect is a vivid way of showing them how much we value and honor them.

On Mothers Day, people go crazy in spending money and finding the perfect gift for their mothers. What is the unique mothers day gift you have given and received on Mothers Day?

I haven't received anything fancy on that day but my little guy made me a card and put up a beautiful art for me that hubby and I decided to frame it and hang it in the wall of our room or his room. As for hubby, he gave me shopping money and takes me to the mall to shop for few outfits on that day.

It wasn't the gifts, cards or money I received on Mothers Day that counts the most, it is the treasured time that I spent with my boys and loved ones that matters the most!

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