Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loving My New Hobby

I never thought gardening can be so addictive. Every time I am done doing some work in my small vegetable garden at the back, I feel so great; very rewarding. It is also very exciting watching the plants grow every day. I can't wait to harvest some of them and use them in cooking food. I can't wait to start eating organic vegetables again just like what I ate in the first 23 years of my life. This is my first time gardening and I am hoping this will be a success.

Come Sunday, I will be adding more plants in my garden. I plan to buy more eggplant, okra, spinach, string beans and some herbs. I want to maximize all the space I have in my garden. I guess I picked the right location of my garden in the backyard; it isn't very big but the shape gives me more room to plant more vegetables.

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