Thursday, May 12, 2011

Family Homework

The little one has a report to make about Greek mythology. He picked Zeus as his character so hubby and I helped him research some interesting facts about Zeus. I copied and pasted some pieces of information to MS Word so I can print it later for easy reference. Then a surprise unfold when I am getting ready to print, the paper came out blank. At first I thought I didn't print the right page but the pop-up box told me that the black ink is out. What a day! The hp ink cartridges run out when I needed it the most! Great!

Hubby has to run to the store to buy ink while the little guy and I were home so he can start drawing the illustration for his report. The report requires the little guy to write the report in his own words. Basically, my task is just to help him whenever he has question or needs clarification about the subject matter.

When the report was finished, I was very much pleased on how the little guy takes pride in making his report with very little help from us. He is a big boy now! It is amazing how time flies quickly...

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