Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful Day; Go Out and Play!

After the severe thunderstorm that engulfed Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex yesterday, a beautiful weather has replaced. Today, the sun is up and it is shining brightly in the clear sky. The wind is blowing but not that bad. It is just enough to cool down the air making the temperature warm not hot perfect for outdoor activities like strolling in the park, swimming in the pool or waterpark, gardening and grilling.

Today, we went to the park then I did some work in my garden while hubby was marinating the meat for grilling later that day. After working in the garden, we hang out in the patio while waiting for our food. The beautiful weather and the BBQ makes my day!

This is the kind of weather I love the most. Spring and Fall weather are my favorite except the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes....

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