Friday, April 8, 2011

The Sooner, The Better

It's been 2 months and a half since I hurt my wrist and it is still hurting until now. I have been to few doctors' appointment and a therapy session but the swelling and the pain still don't go away. I can tell though that it is getting better, there's a progress and that is important. I think the therapy is very helpful and my therapist taught me a massage technique to help lessen the swelling. She also told me to put ice on it as often as I can. Per my doctor and my readings, wrist sprain or strain usually takes long to heal and it even takes longer if you are moving your hands too often while it is healing. I will have a doctor's appointment in two weeks and more therapy sessions before it so will see if my wrist will even get better than the current condition. If not, we will see what the doctor's next step will be. Or maybe I will just wait until my wrist heals by itself or continue with my therapy. Before this happened, I didn't even now that there are rehabilitation center that specializes with hand and upper extremity injuries, sleep disorder, dual diagnosis treatment, etc. Hahaha....the wonders of medical field...

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