Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warm to Cold

What happened to the warm and cozy Texas spring? Today's weather was very much of a surprise to everyone in Texas. For so many days now, we have a temperature on the mid 70's to 80's but today we abruptly dropped to 50's. I thought I am already done with the long-sleeve clothes so I already put them up but I am definitely wrong. I have to wear a jacket today because the strong wind gust is making the weather colder than what it is supposed to be. Oh well, Texas weather it is!

We haven't did anything much today except grocery shopping and grilling some food when we get home. No sun the whole day plus a colder weather can definitely makes you decide to just stay indoor and chill getting ready for the work week ahead. Watching movies and the computers have helped us a lot to entertain the young one keeping him from thinking into going outside.

Have a great work week ahead everyone! As early as today, I am already looking forward to the next weekend!

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