Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sleek and Contemporary Theme

Hubby and I share the same interest especially when it comes to decorating our house. We both love sleek and modern contemporary decors for our house. We love colors but we very carefully pick the paint color that we use in our house. We want to make our house bright and elegant. Our decor is a conglomeration of Western and Oriental culture showing my Asian/Oriental origin and hubby's Western side.

To make the space look bigger, we choose to buy smaller sofa set and dining table for our formal living and dining downstairs. However, until today we still can't seem to agree as to what coffee table and side table we are using along with lamps and shades. I know what you are thinking and yes we are picky. We want everything to jive with our modern contemporary theme, so we are looking for a contemporary coffee tables ~ something sleek, elegant and have good quality.

Just like the other furniture, this search may take a while and a lot of store visits but we are willing to wait to get what we really wanted.

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