Friday, March 4, 2011

Rolling Like No Stop Ahead

Time flies! I almost can't believe that its March already. It's just like yesterday that we had Christmas then the start of the year 2011 but now spring break is just around the corner. One day, I was just lying in bed and staring at the ceiling I realize that my nephews and my cousins that were just children before are now grown up. All of these could only means one thing: I am getting older! LOL.

Anyway, another weekend is here! It will be a little busy Saturday for me because of our little guy's basketball championship game and awarding ceremony but I am sure it will be so much fun! On the other hand, Sunday will be a little mellow day for me and my family. No plans made yet so it means we will be basically hanging out in the house except when we do grocery shopping!

To everyone out there, may you have a productive and enjoyable weekend! Hugs!

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