Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Way to Healthier Me

My weight loss plan is eating healthy food and exercise regularly. I gained 15lbs since I came here in the US 4 years ago and I am seriously trying and finding ways to lose the excess weight in my body. I eat healthy food at the same time I lessen the portion of food I eat every meal. I am eating more vegetables like salad and fruits and more white meat and fish.
I also tried to do variety of exercise every week like I go to the gym and use the equipment there, run/walk around the neighborhood in the morning or afternoon, do some video exercises or lift some weights. I prefer lifting lighter weights, 5lbs and below, because I don't want to show huge muscles, I just simply want to tone down and get firmer. I know every individual has a different view when it comes to muscle building. Some people love to have more defined and bigger muscles and they use muscle building supplements along with muscle building exercises to achieve better result.

If you have tips and techniques on how to lose weight faster and build muscle naturally, please feel free to leave your brilliant ideas here ~ it will be greatly appreciated!

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