Thursday, March 31, 2011

Honey-Do List

We bought our house brand new. It feels great to think that there was no one else who live in this house. It keeps my weird and crazy mind from imagining what happened to the families who used to live in the house especially if the house was previously owned by more than 1 family. It would be very hard to keep track of all the happenings.

The perk of buying a new house, of course, everything is new including appliances. The slight disadvantage is the house usually comes bare like you are the one who will buy the blinds, garage door opener and other cosmetics. In our case, we have to install the blinds and garage door opener. We didn't spend a fortune but sure it cost us couple of thousands because our house has several windows and it is around 2,500 sq ft.
Just like some of you, we have to do our honey-do list one at a time. We started with the blinds and some furniture in the house and now we finally decided to install a garage door opener. Manually closing and opening the garage especially on rainy, icy or snowy days is certainly a pain in the butt. Sometimes, I knowingly not park the car in the garage because I am lazy to open it manually.

Last month, hubby was searching the internet for ideas on what garage door opener consumer love. We consider both the affordability and the quality of the product. Since hubby doesn't finalize yet as to what garage door opener he is buying, I think my idea is still welcome. Knowing my husband, I think he will love liftmaster garage door opener parts. I don't know if he can but since parts are available he might be able to customize our garage opener to suit our needs.

Geez, I can't wait until our garage door opener is installed and get the honey-do list shorter! LOL

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