Monday, March 28, 2011


Warm weather, where art thou? Just like you, I can't believe how the weather changes from a very warm and beautiful weather at the mid 70's to 80's to a colder 50's. A week ago just when the weather gets warmer and warmer I decided to put away my winter/fall clothes only to find out that I do need them this week and maybe in the weeks to come.

Being here in Texas for 4 years you might think that I already get used to the crazy Texas weather but I guess I am not yet accustomed to it. I still remember it was warm outside when we went inside the restaurant on Saturday afternoon but a very surprisingly colder weather greeted us when we got out from early evening. Since then, the weather has been cold in the low 50's plus strong wind gusts which makes the wind even colder.

I hope Texas will get warmer again in the coming weeks. I am already tired of cold weather and I am so ready to get some sun as often as possible!

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