Friday, February 18, 2011

To Buy or Not?

Few months ago, we were still contemplating whether to buy another flat screen TV for our formal living room downstairs. Guess what? Until this day we haven't made a decision yet. However, since the 42" Samsung HDTV that hubby keeps his eye on is on sale at the website which offers discount for all employees at work, we are leaning on the thought of buying one. We will temporarily put it in our bedroom until we can decide on whether to put it in the formal living room or somewhere else in the house. If we decided we don't need a TV downstairs then this would be a big treat for me and hubby having a good size flat screen TV in our room - this would mean no more wearing eyeglasses or contacts for me whenever I watch TV. Yay! Oooppsss, I guess this is too early for a little celebration. Before falling in love with this thought, I will make sure first that hubby's mind didn't change. If it does, then let me see what my "woman power" can do to get a YES answer. LOL

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