Friday, February 25, 2011

Red Nose on February

Yesterday, I woke up with a red spot in the upper part of my nose. I was thinking it might be rushes or worst a pimple. Shocks! I hate pimples that is for sure, who wouldn't anyway!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to put on even light make up to fully freshen up my face! I had no spare time to do it. I woke up late so I have to hurry up leaving the house to give me ample travel time to work. Friday is always hard for me especially I have to be at work very early in the morning which isn't my regular schedule all throughout the week.

When I get to work some of my co-workers notice the red spot in my nose. Great, isn't it? LOL. I was thinking this is my fault because I am just too lazy to clean my face every night. I think I need to start washing my face to remove dirt or make up, perhaps use face wash for acne or just any facial wash. I don't have a very sensitive skin, thanks God but I know I still have to clean it to avoid pimples, acne or any infection.

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