Friday, February 25, 2011

My Quest to the New Me!

Officially, I am back to my weight loss goal! Yes, you guys heard it right! Last week I officially launched my own weight loss journey. For the past couple of months my weight has been fluctuating - going up and down. Now, that I was moved to an early shift at work. I already have a lot of time to hit the gym everyday. I was also thinking of joining the yoga or boot camp classes at the gym to give variation to my daily workout regime. I been very careful with what food I eat and the portion of the food I eat. Alongside with the daily exercise, I also do the after six diet which means I won't eat anything except fruits or vegetables after 6PM at night except for weekends. Weekends is sort of the time of the week when I treat myself for being good the whole week.

I know some people are taking the easy route in losing weight like undergoing cosmetic surgery or taking diet pills but I want to do it slowly and natural. Print or TV ads has been talking about best diet pills available in the market today which according to some consumer have helped them get back in shape. Everyone has a choice and I respect them with their decision. I guess, as long as, it is properly monitored and recommended by their doctors I think it is okay. So for everyone out there who have been in the same journey with me, I wish you all the luck! Well, 10 more lbs and slight toning and I will be ready for summer!

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