Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Drive To Becoming Fit

Back to weight loss topic. I apologize; I just can't over this subject. This has been in my mind lately especially now that I am really determined to realize my goal no matter what happens. My weight loss program involves a very simple formula: healthy and small portion of food and daily exercise. After a month, I will see what good things this weight loss plan brings to me. If it isn't working, I will use my plan B which I won't share for now because I am simply hoping plan A will work. :-)

It is true; there are different weight loss programs vailable in the market nowadays. Most of them are quick fix to the problem like taking weight loss supplements, diet pills or undergoing a cosmetic surgery or strict diet plan. There is nothing wrong with them but I want to do it the natural and healthier way.

I am positive I can achieve my goal if I strive harder. I know it won't be an easy journey but I hope I will be able to endure all the hardships along the way. Eating smaller portion of food will be very challenging to me especially that I love to eat whereas I can see no problem in eating healthy food since I mainly eat vegetables, fish and fruits on a daily basis.

Okay, I promise I will keep you all posted. Wish my luck guys!

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