Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Books, Less PC Time

Weather has been very crazy lately. Wherever you turn your eyes, you will see the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is all white and I must admit it is very relaxing. The disadvantage of this kind of weather is driving on the sleek and wet road which is dangerous to the driving public, including me, who is not used to this road condition.

It's been a mess since Tuesday, when we had the first snow and sleet precipitation and the streets were then covered with snow but with more ice. All throughout the week, several establishments closed. The 2 airports in the DFW area have to momentarily stop their operation while waiting for their runways to clear and become safe for take off and landing. We have no work Tuesday and we have to open late in the last 3 days and it gave me so much time to read the books that I borrowed from the library.

I really want to go back to my favorite hobby, reading (books, novel, magazines, et cetera). I borrowed more books yesterday from the library and I am more determined to read all of them before Friday comes.

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