Friday, February 25, 2011

It Is For My Boys!

Hubby and I decided to buy the little guy a PS3. Hubby said he likes PS3 better than the other game gadgets since we can play DVD's on it. Upon purchase of the PS3, we found out that we can access Netflix on it so we decided to get on a monthly subscription and man it is very cheap for only $7.99 a month.

Since, I am not really into online or computer games I leave my boys alone. When the PS3 arrived hubby thought he was missing a PS3 HDMI cables. He was very sad because without it our flat screen TV won't be compatible. He keeps on going back and fort from the desktop computer to the TV then to the PS3 and so on and so forth. I saw the disappointment in his face since it has been several minutes passed and he was still not able to realize if it will work or not.

Thanks God, before that night ends, hubby was able to figure out the connection and the little guy and him played game until dawn. The product was delivered on the weekend so it was just perfect or else they can't stay late and have fun with it.

I must say, it is a good buy so far!

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