Friday, February 25, 2011

He Is Truly Amazing and I Loved It So!

I know this is a late Valentines Day update but oh I figure out that since we are still in the love month (February) so I am still good to go. To start off, I will say that I have the most memorable and the most exciting Valentines Day ever. It has nothing to do with the material things that I receive on that day but it has something to do with the thought that goes with those things. I love surprises, yes I do and my loving husband never fails to surprise me amidst of his busy schedule at work. I feel very much loved and cherished on that day, yes I did!

Well, it started with chocolate coated strawberries delivered at work. Oh, I must admit it was very beautiful and tasty. I called him and thank him only to find out later that day the other surprise that he prepared for me. Just couple of hours before I left work on that day, a UPS delivery arrived at my desk. When the man approaches me I jokingly told him that he got the wrong lady since I already received mine in the morning, but he asked me if I am ******, he mentioned my name. So I said yes and he told me in return that the box is for me. Yes, I saw my name on the box and it was 2 dozens of beautiful roses.

He sure did know how to surprise me, isn’t he? He knows that I would expect something sent or delivered to work on that day but he knows that I won't expect a second delivery that is why he did it to spice it up. That day culminated with a very nice dinner at home with food prepared and cooked by him for the three of us (me, him & the little guy).

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