Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Samsung Behold to Gravity?

I used to be very particular with my cellphone. I had few cellphone casing that I alternately use depending on my mood or the occasion. Cellphone list. Yes, I used to have a list of cellphones that I want to have but I lose interest with them couple of years ago even if I have the means to own one. How? I don't know.

I just came to a point that I could care less on the kind of cellphone I carry. Different networks sent me flyers or letters with the hope to entice me to take advantage of their new phone or services but I always declined. However, after dropping my old phone several times it stop working and I was forced to look for a new one.

I feel in love with Samsung behold. For the record, I always love Samsung phones and I always want to own few of them. I have been using my Samsung behold for 2 years and I am very happy and contented so far. However, I am considering of changing to Samsung gravity lately. I read a lot of good reviews about this phone and some of my friends, who own one, have highly recommended it. The phone looks sleek and sophisticated and it has the feature that I would like my phone to have. However, I will be doing more searches before I will decide if this phone is the right one for me.

I love my Samsung behold and I guess I will also fall in love with Samsung gravity. I don't change phone too often so I want to make sure this is what I wanted.

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