Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Light Renovation On the Way

Hubby just painted another wall in our house to add to the accent walls that we currently have. I think it come out really nice and it adds a lot of style and new look to our living room. Now, he thinks of changing the wood rails in the staircase and the game room upstairs to rod iron. He also suggested to me that we have to change the carpet to wood floor in the lower level of our house and added some glass tile as a back splash in our kitchen counters. Honestly, I am sold with all his minor renovation plan except for the glass tile back splash. He said he has been to one of the model homes in couple of new neighborhood in the area and he saw couple of houses that uses glass tile for the back splash and it looks terrific. These are not urgent projects but he would like to show me his "inspiration" for coming up with the idea of this plan renovation. We will be visiting some houses in the weekend and I am excited about it.

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