Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Will Make It Real

I was feeling a little tired as my work day ends. Despite of that, I tried my best to make a stop at the gym. Although, I wasn't there very long than I really wanted but I am happy that I am able to keep up with my plan to be at the gym at least 4 times a week. Going to gym on regular basis is part of my weight loss plan that I want to accomplish before the middle of this year. I know this isn't an easy battle especially with very cold weather and my hectic schedule but I am determined to make it happen.

I know you will agree that different people has different way of losing weight. Some are following a strict diet menu plan, undergoing cosmetic surgery, regular exercise, taking diet pills or best diet supplements available in the market today. For me, exercising regularly and watching the food and the portion of the food I am eating is the best way for me to lose weight. I weighed myself today and I already loss some weight. The amazing result has even encouraged me to do a lot more time to exercise!

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