Saturday, January 15, 2011

Events to Remember Coming Soon!

After the little guy's game today, I dropped by in the store to look for dresses. It wasn't a wasted trip and I wasn't disappointed either because I was able to buy 2 dresses that I plan to wear tforthe 50th birthday party of two of my very good & close friends which will happen before this month ends. Aside from the dresses, there are also some accessories I found that fits with my outfit. I also found some beautiful beads and beading tools that I can use if I opted to make jewelry accessories myself. Of course, the outfit won't be complete without shoes and clutch, so I also look for them; unfortunately, I haven't find one. So, tomorrow the search will continue and my personal consultant, my dear hubby, will join me with the search. I know tomorrow will still be very cold but I am determine to finish shopping so that I don't have to worry about anything and I won't be rushing again to buy what I needed. for the events. After all been said, tomorrow seems long day in the mall for me & hubby. Good luck baby! LOL

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