Saturday, January 15, 2011

Basketball Is The New Sport

We enrolled the little guy in basketball. Today was his second game and just like the first game they won! Being a neophyte in playing basketball, I would say that he is doing good. However, he still doesn't fully conceptualize how the game is played. As what hubby & I had observed, he is still confuse what to do when his team is on defense or offense.

Today, he was way better in defense than offense but the coach & us (hubby & I in the sideline) have to keep reminding him to stay with the player who has the same wristband color with him. Later on in the game he already remember to do the latter. What's funny is he still stay with the player he is guarding even if they have the ball. LOL. Oh, here's the most funny, when he has the ball he has the tendency to carry the ball just like he does in football instead of dribbling it. When I asked him why he tend to do it, he told me that he forget he is playing basketball and not football. LOL.

Anyway, hubby plans to practice him shooting the ball. He needs to have control on how far the ball should go so that it won't be off the ring. LOL. We are planning to take him to community center so that hubby and the little guy can practice more. I guess my two boys will have to spend more time together enhancing the little man's moves...

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