Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Old Movies and Us

Again, my husband is watching a very old movie. Yes, it is very old that either he or I wasn't born yet at the time that movie was made. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love watching movies like in fact I am currently watching one while writing this. Why I love it? Simple. It helps me understand and visualize what the old times like that I just always read on books. Yes, some movies are really very old that they are still in black and white but man the story is great and the actors were superb.

Next time, I will tell you more about our old movies night marathon. For now I have to go since the old movie that we are currently watching is getting very exciting. Until Next time y’all!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Proud Wife

This maybe a late post but I can't help to share this to all of you. Last Sunday, hubby and I did our weekly grocery shopping in one of the big supermarket chain in the country. located few minutes from our house. We were patiently waiting in the check-out counter when I heard hubby saying "I'll pay for it" at the same time pulling his wallet off from his pocket. The older lady whom the cashier was currently helping looked at me and say thank you both. I just realized that hubby offered to pay for the rest of the grocery that the lady where putting aside because she isn't sure if she has enough money in her food stamp card. When we get to the car, hubby said that he offered to pay for the rest of the stuff because hubby saw that all of those are food like bread, rice and peanut butter. Otherwise, he would have not do it. After that encounter, I am left nothing but pure admiration for my husband for being a kind and generous person especially to those who really need of help.