Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family First

Many of us think that the safest place to be is our house, but how safe are you in your home? To add additional safety, many families are installing security system in the homes to protect them from strangers/intruders. Some are using test kits to check if there are any lead present after doing house renovation, repair or painting projects. Exposing your family to lead is very dangerous to their health, sometimes fatal. Lead test kits are very important so you can conduct your own test and know the result in seconds. The faster you know about the presence of lead in your house, the safer your family will be. These are just some of the things that everyone is willing to do for the safety of their family. Sometimes, cost doesn’t count much if the safety of your family is at stake. Just remember, be very careful at all times!

Is Your Health Insurance Good Enough?

Life is always full of surprises. You will never know what will happen to you and your family in the future. For parents, the worst fear is to see their kids hurt or sick. As much as they can, they want their kids shielded from any possible harm. They also want to make sure that health-wise, their loved ones are covered just like the short term health insurance NC offered by NC Health Plans. Having health insurance can save you and your family from the falling into the pit hole if one of your family members is severely ill and need huge money for medication.

Weekend, Here We Come!

Work has been pretty busy lately. My co-workers and I are always looking forward to our short vacation during weekends. Everyone can't wait to just relax and unwind away from our busy week at work. Tomorrow is Friday and it only means weekend is next. Our friends and us have already plan on what we will do this weekend. Bowling and friend-get-together are some of the activities that we already agreed to do so far. I am sure there will be last minute activities that we will eventually decide to do. I am so excited now! I will be able to see and bond with our friends again!

Secure Your Gadgets

Whenever I buy something, the first thing I ask is the warranty coverage being offered. If insurance is offered in reasonable cost, I also get one for extra protection. For instance, when I buy my laptop, I bought a laptop insurance on top of the manufacturer warranty I just want to make sure that if something happened, my laptop is fully covered and I won't end up paying something that is of no use anymore. When you buy expensive gadgets, it is best to buy an insurance so you won't have a headache in case you need money to cover any replacement costs. Ipad, ipod and cellphone insurance coverage are also offered now by some company like the Worth Ave Group.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Great Online Resource

If you are lost and don't know what to do to get rid of your acne, don't loose hope. Visit and learn what are the best acne treatments that are worthy of your bucks. This is an independent website launched to help the consumers find out the best acne treatments available in the market today. This website uses a 3 step formula approach to make sure that the reviews of the product available in the website are done with trusted source. collects data, find feedback and recommend the products.

Does It Really Work?

A lot has been said, but are you not wondering which of these diet plans really work? I understand there are a lot of circumstances to consider before coming up with a conclusion which diet plan works for you and the rest of the consumers in the marketplace. However, I believe that diet alone is not enough to completely shed off the extra pound that you want to get rid of. It should be coupled always with a great workout regime. These combination works great for me, how about you? Do you have any diets that work for you or the people you know? If there is, feel free to drop the idea here. Who knows, someone will be able to use it!

Kudos Charice!

Charice Pempengco made the Filipinos proud again! In here debut appearance in Glee, she delivered another superb performance. While watching the show, I had goose bump especially when she sings "Listen". Not only she sings it with all her heart, the song is also perfect to show how beautiful her voice is. Going to stardom isn't easy for Charice, but all her efforts are paid off ! Now, she isn't only famous in the Philippines but all over the world. Kudos Charice!!!

Whatever It Takes

I attended a get together organized by a friend. While on my way to the patio, I overheard some of my friends talking about products to treat pimple or acne. One of our friends who have an acne problem has been soliciting ideas from the rest of the group with any advise on what she can do to possibly avoid pimples which, in her case, oftentimes result to acne. A lot of products have been mentioned like tea tree oil and other well-known acne treatment solution. That was the first time I heard about tea tree oil as acne treatment, so I decided to do my own research regarding the different uses for tea tree oil. I came across pretty interesting ideas and reviews about this product. For your own reference, visit

Keep It Clean!

It is of utmost important that our body is FREE from all contaminants and other hazardous substances. It is necessary to have our body undergo a detoxification or cleansing on a regular basis. If this sounds so new to you, you can do your own research to find out the details. The internet has several available resources in this matter like colon cleansing reviews and many more. Also, eating healthy food and doing exercise regularly can also help a lot to ensure your body is in good condition. Stay healthy and fit my friends!

One Afternoon

Since I have things to do after work, I decided to go home straight instead of dropping by in the gym. Skipping my workout isn't a good choice but you have to do what you got to do. When I was closer to our neighborhood, the wind starts blowing and the sky was darker and the clouds are getting low. Sure enough, it didn’t take long until the rain started pouring. All cars on the road slow down including me because we can hardly see the road. I was in one of the busiest highway in the DFW metroplex so I was very happy when I see the exit sign to the road leading to our neighborhood.

None of Those!

Oh, I hate those pimples! Who doesn't anyway? Acne? That’s the worst!
Yes, there are several acne solutions available in the market today but finding the right one to work for you isn’t easy. There are a lot of people who have tried several products before finally finding the right one for them. Having pimples or acne is truly a big hassle aside from the fact that it can be very expensive and time consuming.

Is There A Way To Lose Weight Fast?

I aim to be fit and slender again in few months. I know this venture isn't easy but I am determined to make it happen. I started my work out regime and diet a month ago and so far I already lost few pounds. I haven’t reached my target weight yet, so I am still on the go to find new workout and maybe incorporate it to the other workouts I am currently doing. I am completely aware that this battle won’t be easy. It will be a tough fight against my time and not eating the “yummy” food that aren’t good for my waste, but I will do it! For people who loose weight so fast, I envy you. You folks are so lucky! If you have an advice on how to lose weight fast, please share it here.

Busy As Bees

Living in the United States for a year and half makes me appreciate the slow pace of living we have back in the Philippines. Here, daily living is fast, busy and very routinize. During weekdays my life only revolves between taking our little guy to school and football practice, going to work, going home, sleep and then the cycle goes so on and so forth. Thanks God for the weekends! Hubby and I look forward to it is our time to see our friends and do fun activities together like food cookout, bowling or just hanging out at home or in our favorite bar/s. If we have family gathering, it also happens on the weekend because it is the only time of the week that most of us are free. Our days can be very busy indeed that's why if we have free time we make sure we make the most of it to either relax or enjoy time with our loved ones and dearest friends.

Man's Best Friend

If you have dogs or plan to buy one, it is best to have your dog undergo a dog training program. This helps you and your dog achieve a more quality time together. In this way, you don’t have to worry about coming home with your place trash because your dog has torn up everything. It also keeps you from having a dirty/smelly place because your dog is trained on how or when to dispose their waste. Things like this seems very simple but if your dog isn’t trained to behave good while at home or outside, then it could mean a headache and more stressful days for you. Just like your kids, they need utmost care too and training as well.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trick or Treat Coming Soon!

Halloween is fast approaching, Now is the perfect time to start thinking of what you want to be for Halloween. Although I haven't made up my mind yet on what I want to be for the Halloween parties, but I am already starting to look around for some Halloween sexy costumes. I am considering of buying a pilot/flight attendant, pirate and oriental/geisha Halloween costumes. I have having hard time deciding on which of the 3 I want to be. I have to seek my hubby or friends' help to decide which costumes suit me better. How about you, any plan yet?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will They Be Okay When You're Gone?

Don’t procrastinate! Whatever you can do today for your family, do it! For instance, if you haven’t bought a life insurance yet, then by all means get one. Purchasing a term life ins is a good way to make sure your family is taken care of and their life won’t be jeopardize when you’re gone. If you are the breadwinner in the family or if you are the only one taking a paycheck home, it will be a huge financial downfall if unfortunate things happened to you. I am sure you have seen a lot of worst scenarios when the breadwinner is gone. The family members are suffering financially amidst of the emotional pain they feel for losing their loved one. So before its too late, do something! You’ll never know when your time comes…

Drive For Freedom

It never thought time comes that I will ever learn to drive. Learning how to drive was one of the big adjustments that I undergo when I set foot in the United States. It was truly a huge struggle couple with a lot of frustrations for both my husband and I. There are a lot of times when our driving lessons turned out into arguments. I get annoyed easily because he doesn’t have much patience and I feel like he was putting too much pressure on my shoulder to learn the technique quick. Parallel parking was the most difficult to learn and up to these days, I am still not confident with it.

Time goes by so fast and it's been 2 years now since I start driving on my own. Driving means a big deal for my personal and career growth. When I learned how to drive, my scope of looking for a better job widens. If asked my many on what is the advantage of being able to drive, I always give them this equation: DRIVING=FREEDOM!!!

For people who came from a country who rely mainly on public transportation, driving your own car isn’t seen as a necessity but a luxury to many. Owning a car is very expensive back home and most people don’t have the cash to pay upfront. Back then, car installment isn’t popular and is hard to get in my country.