Friday, August 13, 2010

Nothing Wrong To Think Ahead

Not very long ago, my friend told me that she dreams to own a log house someday. She said that when she and her husband retire, they would prefer to live out of the city and build a log house and enjoy the cold and icy winter in the mountain. She had showed me the layout she wants and the furniture she wants to use for her log house. She said part of the house will be decorated modern-contemporary but the rest she will use rustic furniture to come up the real log house ambience. But now that their retirement is still far away, she still prefers enjoying the busy city life and the modern home that they currently live. What about your dream house and your retirement? Have you plan about it already?

I Can Do It

The weekend is my time to recharge my energy and to unwind from the very busy days at work and weekdays life. Now, that I get very serious in losing the extra weight I gained for the few years of staying in the US, my daily schedule is even getting busier. After work, no matter how tired and busy I am, I tried to condition and sometimes forced myself to drop by in the gym. Since the gym is free from work, all I have to do is take my lazy ass there and work out. No membership fee to worry about and the place is just equipped with very new and nice work out equipment and facilities. Plus we get paid equivalent to a day pay just to sweat our fats out.

Could This Be The End?

Honestly, I am not already happy as to how my laptop works. Aside from the silver color now start peeling off; the fan is also getting noiser and noiser. I also observed that my laptop is working slower than before. Of course, I am very much disappointed with what is going on with it since this is only 2 years old. I am always good in taking care of my stuff but somehow I tend to question myself if I did take care of this in as much as I take care my other belongings. How I wish I have a 3 year laptop warranty so I can just call in the company and ask them to replace it because it didn't work the way they said it will. Too sad though, this company only offers 1 year warranty and I haven't bought an extra insurance for more years of coverage. Next time I'll buy a laptop, I will choose the jet black color and get an extended warranty to be safe. How about you, how long does your laptop live from date purchase?

Shield It From Cold

If you leave in places where you get a tremendous amount of snow, it is recommended to cover your furniture during winter to avoid damage and preserve its great condition. If you are not certain where to buy one, here's an idea. Stores in your area and online are now selling patio furniture covers of different styles/designs to fit with whatever theme you have in your backdyard. If I am not wrong, the best time to get patio furniture covers is at the end of summer. Stores usually give huge discount or sale to get rid of their remaining stocks. You can also look for coupons to get an even better deal. Tax free weekend is approaching so you might as well go around and look for one. Not paying tax is a great savings afterall!

It Wasn't That Bad At All

Generally speaking, I can say that I am afraid of heights. I am perfectly okay when I fly no matter how long and bumpy the flight is but I hate rollercoaster rides, ferris wheel and any rides that will subject me to going up and down a track. After my first and last ferris wheel ride, I told myself I will never do it again. I also swear I will never ride a roller coaster but this isn't true anymore.

During our recent visit to the Six Flags of Texas, my hubby and kiddos somehow was able to trick and made me get on the Runaway Mountain ride. Since the ride is inside the mountain-like structure so I wasn't aware that it is a rollercoaster ride. I went through the line in great condition and comes out dizzy and light-headed. I didn't pass out or die (just an exaggeration) but no matter what happens I will never get on a rollercoaster again and I will always make sure I know what the ride going to be before hopping unto it.

Lesson learned but I must admit it was a great experience. I am still thankful to my hubby and kiddos for tricking me; otherwise, I will never get the chance to experience it. :-)

If NC Is Your Next Destination

If you are looking to move to North Carolina especially in the Outer Banks area, check out Throught the website, you will be able to search for Outer Banks homes available in the area. You can also take a peek as to list of foreclosures, short sales and new listings available in the Outer Banks, NC market these days. So before flying there and contacting your agent, at least you can do your own search and perhaps have an idea on what to expect for most houses in the area. For me, it is always good to do our own search before talking to your agent so that you aren't empty handed with information. Good luck on your move and I am sure you will have a lot of fun after the packing and unpacking stage. LOL

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look Hot In An Instant

You are invited to a party which takes place in few days. Definitely, you want to look at your best, who isn't? You are dying to wear your beautiful black dress but you put on some weight. Oh no! What are you going to do? Of course, diet isn't the immediate remedy to come up with the body that you want and used to have due to limited time frame. You thought that there is nothing you can do about it but thanks to corsets, you will be able to show your curves and look hot and fabulous just like before. Feel sexy and gorgeous inside and out!