Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spice Up the Road

If Ferrari car is expensive, I am sure that having it fix, if needed, will cost you a lot also. Honestly, I have no idea how expensive ferrari parts are but on what a friend of ours told it, it is really very pricey. The cost of a ferrari car is already a beautiful house in most states including Texas. Now, I am wondering what a ferrari part is equivalent to? Anyway, for more details about ferrari parts, click the latter underlined words.

The Window to the World

I think I need a new laptop with a higher memory for faster internet surfing, processing of data and watching videos/movies. My laptop isn't that old yet; in fact, it will turn only 2 in few months. However, my laptop is now slowly showing some wear and tear which is not very pleasing to the eyes.

Right now, my laptop is green in color with a silver keyboard. My next one I would prefer to have a metallic black including the keyboard because I observe that the silver color starts to peel off faster and soon my laptop will start looking ugly if the silver paint will peel off more if not completely.

The next time I will buy one, I am planning of getting a HP laptop. I guess I am done with Dell for now. I love their product except the very noisy sound once the laptop is on for a longer period of time and the paint starts peeling off sooner that I expect.

How about you? Any plan of getting your lappy anytime soon?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Safety First

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a your properties covered with the right insurance. It will not only safeguard yours and your family's future; it will also bring peace into your mind especially in times you are away from home. For example, during our 3-week vacation, hubby and I feel comfortable to leave our house considering that we have everything taken cared of in case something happens to it (God forbid) while we are gone. Having a good homeowners insurance coverage will help you from taking out a huge amount of money from your pocket in case of fire, tornado, hurricane or flash floods damaged. So, if you haven't had one yet, try to call around for the best quote that you can get. Remember, it is better to be prepared that be regretful at the end for not doing something...

Till Then Guys...

Whether we like it or not, our (hubby & I) summer vacation in the Philippines is now over. We had a blast and brought back great memories that we will forever treasure in our hearts until we see our family again.

Leaving the Philippines for the second time was so hard for me. A lot of tears shed off 2 days before we flew and even until today. I had a "homesickness attack" and I don't know much how to handle it but cry. I appreciate my hubby's support, love and understanding especially at these times. I don't know what to do without him. I know it may take several weeks before I will get over my homesickness (maybe not..) but I hope that when I get back to work and becomes busy with my daily routine it will be lessen.

So long Philippines until we are back!