Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Joy of Giving and Receiving

It is the time of giving and receiving gifts from our family, friends and loved ones. Buying the gift isn't easy. There are a lot of things that you need to consider such as your budget, time to roam around the mall or stores or what are the needs or wants of the person you are giving to. Sometimes, it is important to give a gift to someone you barely know than to someone you know your whole life. Some people are happy whether they like what they get or not, but there are also some who are so vocal and will tell you upfront that they have one already or the prefer another kind. In our family, every family member will answer few personal questions to better guide everyone on what to buy. Indeed, it helps us a lot save our time, money and energy. Shopping for someone whom you have a clue on what to buy is easier than just looking around the stores and just grab whatever great things your eyes can see. For me, I am a very easy person to please when it comes to gift. I believe it is the thought that counts the most than the price and the quantity of gift you receive. If you are going to give me laptop, household items, make up/hygiene stuff or even a lingerie, I will be very happy already. I love surprises, flowers and chocolate with almond. For this year, I am not finish yet with my Christmas shopping. How about you?

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