Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Love Thee

I love my family so much that I am willing to do whatever I am capable of it to keep them happy, safe and secure. Since we are very far from each other, I always pray that all of us is always healthy and fit so that we can get together again in the future - share our experiences/stories in the foreign lands, talk about our dreams or just merely have a great bonding time on the beach. Oh, I miss those times so much!

Of course, I know they always do their best to stay in good health but our body is just like a machine, it deteriorates sometimes. Oh, and I am not exception to that. There are times of year, especially when the weather changes from hot to cold, my body usually reacts to it in a not so nice way. I usually have colds, cough, slight fever or regular flu and of course my allergy. I know these aren't unusual. A lot of people tend to get sick when the weather changes. Being here in the US for almost four years now, I thought my body is a little more resistant to weather changes but it is still adjusting.

Anyhow, here's hoping that all of your family are healthy and fit especially that Christmas time is coming. As what they say, even if there's no expensive gifts or more money to celebrate the yuletide season, what is more important is everyone is healthy and thankful for everything that He gives us.

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