Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Remembering Christmas Back Home

It is almost half-way towards Christmas day! I am very excited and at the same time a little sad since this will be the 4th time that I won't be able to spend my Christmas in the Philippines. I really missed the way we celebrate the yuletide season back home. I missed listening to the Christmas songs that are continuously played in different radio stations all over the country. I missed the "real fun" and the joy of just being together with you loved ones on this very special day. It doesn't matter whether they are only having 1 or 2 food on the table, what matters is the quality of time spend on that night.

I was talking to my brother last Sunday and he was asking me if I can look into going home by Christmas next year. I must admit that I wasn't thinking about going home at this time but my brother's thought of the family being together again on Christmas had changed my consideration. Hopefully, I will be able to go home by then. I would love to spend another Christmas at home, I really missed it a lot!

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