Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy As Bees

Living in the United States for a year and half makes me appreciate the slow pace of living we have back in the Philippines. Here, daily living is fast, busy and very routinize. During weekdays my life only revolves between taking our little guy to school and football practice, going to work, going home, sleep and then the cycle goes so on and so forth. Thanks God for the weekends! Hubby and I look forward to it is our time to see our friends and do fun activities together like food cookout, bowling or just hanging out at home or in our favorite bar/s. If we have family gathering, it also happens on the weekend because it is the only time of the week that most of us are free. Our days can be very busy indeed that's why if we have free time we make sure we make the most of it to either relax or enjoy time with our loved ones and dearest friends.

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