Friday, August 13, 2010

It Wasn't That Bad At All

Generally speaking, I can say that I am afraid of heights. I am perfectly okay when I fly no matter how long and bumpy the flight is but I hate rollercoaster rides, ferris wheel and any rides that will subject me to going up and down a track. After my first and last ferris wheel ride, I told myself I will never do it again. I also swear I will never ride a roller coaster but this isn't true anymore.

During our recent visit to the Six Flags of Texas, my hubby and kiddos somehow was able to trick and made me get on the Runaway Mountain ride. Since the ride is inside the mountain-like structure so I wasn't aware that it is a rollercoaster ride. I went through the line in great condition and comes out dizzy and light-headed. I didn't pass out or die (just an exaggeration) but no matter what happens I will never get on a rollercoaster again and I will always make sure I know what the ride going to be before hopping unto it.

Lesson learned but I must admit it was a great experience. I am still thankful to my hubby and kiddos for tricking me; otherwise, I will never get the chance to experience it. :-)

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