Friday, August 13, 2010

Could This Be The End?

Honestly, I am not already happy as to how my laptop works. Aside from the silver color now start peeling off; the fan is also getting noiser and noiser. I also observed that my laptop is working slower than before. Of course, I am very much disappointed with what is going on with it since this is only 2 years old. I am always good in taking care of my stuff but somehow I tend to question myself if I did take care of this in as much as I take care my other belongings. How I wish I have a 3 year laptop warranty so I can just call in the company and ask them to replace it because it didn't work the way they said it will. Too sad though, this company only offers 1 year warranty and I haven't bought an extra insurance for more years of coverage. Next time I'll buy a laptop, I will choose the jet black color and get an extended warranty to be safe. How about you, how long does your laptop live from date purchase?

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