Saturday, July 31, 2010

You, Me and the World

Every individual is unique. There is no doubt about it! Our individuality is important to make our world in balance. How we view life, our talents and skills, fashion/style or hobbys. Some people are more inclined to music, singing, dancing, outdoor activities, horse riding or equestrian, camping and many more is oftentimes show the clear image ouf our uniqueness.

Speaking of hobbys, I find horse riding very interesting. Yet, it is also one of the very expensive hobby/sport. If you are born and raised in a 3rd world country, you will know that equestrian is only for those who have money or investor. You need a nice and big place to house your horses, you will need money for your horses' vet or many for their food and other equestrian pharaphernalia like clothes, breeches, riding apparels and many more. It may still be true wherever you go but I think people in the 1st world countries, irregardless of your status in the society, have more opportunities to learn and enjoy it.

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