Friday, July 30, 2010

Saying, I Do

We all have our own dream wedding. Some prefer to have an intimate wedding with only immediate family members and close friends present while others want to have a grand wedding with a large number of guests coming to witness the union. With the wedding location, some people wants garden, beach, church, under the sea or hot air balloon wedding. To some couple, the more unusual the wedding theme is the more fun, memorable and exciting it gets.

However, before laying out the details of your wedding, there is another important thing to do first. It is no other than getting engaged. You don't have to hold a grand engagement party. Some women prefers a more intimate, romantic and more surprising way of saying, "Will You Marry Me?". If you have the means, get your lady one of the beautiful diamond engagement rings in town. But remember, you don't need to jump into a huge debt just to get one. If you have the money, then buy one, if none then don't.

Just remember, to try your best to stay within your budget. Remember, marriage doesn't ends on your engagement and wedding day. It is a lifetime commitment and you don't want to carry over a big debt into your marriage life because you spend more than what you can during your engagement and wedding. Grand or simple, what matters is your love for each other and your commitment to stick with each other through thick and thin.

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