Friday, July 9, 2010

Comfy Lifestyle

Should we thank the different inventors and electronic companies for coming up with different technologies that makes our day to day living easier? hmmmmpppp... I think we do. Today, if we need a copy of a note or information that we find in the internet, all we have to do is click on a print button and the printer will produce an exact copy of it. No need for you to handwrite all information. You save your time in writing and use it in a more efficient way. Also, when you go to store, store associates can use their barcode scanner to check if they have a stock of something that you are looking for instead of digging the boxes in the warehouse/stock room. When you to the cashier, checking out is easier and faster by the use of a barcode scanner. When you are away on a vacation, your home is safer and guarded using your security camera or alarm system. You see, these are just few of the examples of the how technology shape our lives into a more comfortable living.

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