Saturday, July 31, 2010

You, Me and the World

Every individual is unique. There is no doubt about it! Our individuality is important to make our world in balance. How we view life, our talents and skills, fashion/style or hobbys. Some people are more inclined to music, singing, dancing, outdoor activities, horse riding or equestrian, camping and many more is oftentimes show the clear image ouf our uniqueness.

Speaking of hobbys, I find horse riding very interesting. Yet, it is also one of the very expensive hobby/sport. If you are born and raised in a 3rd world country, you will know that equestrian is only for those who have money or investor. You need a nice and big place to house your horses, you will need money for your horses' vet or many for their food and other equestrian pharaphernalia like clothes, breeches, riding apparels and many more. It may still be true wherever you go but I think people in the 1st world countries, irregardless of your status in the society, have more opportunities to learn and enjoy it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Token

Hubby has to work late tonight. So after running some errands after I get off work, I decided to cook a good dinner for him. I ended up cooking chicken wings with garlic & ginger sauce and steam broccoli to go with it. It was good that I already took the wings from the freezer yesterday so it was thawed when I get home. I got home a little late already so I was still cooking when hubby gets home. As always, he patiently wait until I am done. When the food is ready, he decided to make a chocolate-banana smoothie for me. I think that was so sweet of him and I was touched of course. Aaaahhhh.... LOL

Saying, I Do

We all have our own dream wedding. Some prefer to have an intimate wedding with only immediate family members and close friends present while others want to have a grand wedding with a large number of guests coming to witness the union. With the wedding location, some people wants garden, beach, church, under the sea or hot air balloon wedding. To some couple, the more unusual the wedding theme is the more fun, memorable and exciting it gets.

However, before laying out the details of your wedding, there is another important thing to do first. It is no other than getting engaged. You don't have to hold a grand engagement party. Some women prefers a more intimate, romantic and more surprising way of saying, "Will You Marry Me?". If you have the means, get your lady one of the beautiful diamond engagement rings in town. But remember, you don't need to jump into a huge debt just to get one. If you have the money, then buy one, if none then don't.

Just remember, to try your best to stay within your budget. Remember, marriage doesn't ends on your engagement and wedding day. It is a lifetime commitment and you don't want to carry over a big debt into your marriage life because you spend more than what you can during your engagement and wedding. Grand or simple, what matters is your love for each other and your commitment to stick with each other through thick and thin.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Data Center Hosting

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I Believe...

I have been very busy lately. There are a lot of family commitment and friends' activities that I need to attend to if I am not at work. I do feel stressed and pressured sometimes. I feel like my weekend, which is my off from work, is not enough to finish all the things that are in line to be done. I feel like I have so many things to accomplish in a short period of time. Is it tiring? Of course, but at the end of the day it feels great seeing your loved ones happy. I don't mind sacrificing my time if it makes my family happy, feel loved and valued. They do the same to me so I will be too insensitive to deprive them of their happiness. After all life is just a cycle. I always believe in the golden rule and good karma. Do good to others and good things will happen to you.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Comfy Lifestyle

Should we thank the different inventors and electronic companies for coming up with different technologies that makes our day to day living easier? hmmmmpppp... I think we do. Today, if we need a copy of a note or information that we find in the internet, all we have to do is click on a print button and the printer will produce an exact copy of it. No need for you to handwrite all information. You save your time in writing and use it in a more efficient way. Also, when you go to store, store associates can use their barcode scanner to check if they have a stock of something that you are looking for instead of digging the boxes in the warehouse/stock room. When you to the cashier, checking out is easier and faster by the use of a barcode scanner. When you are away on a vacation, your home is safer and guarded using your security camera or alarm system. You see, these are just few of the examples of the how technology shape our lives into a more comfortable living.

Luck You

Lossing weight is easier said than done. I bet a lot of us will agree to it, right? No matter what we do, it seems like shedding off some of those unwanted fats seem harder and take forever than expected. Watching those slim pills, slim workouts or diet meal plans can somehow give us the impression that lossing weight is easy but it is actually not. Lucky to those who have high metabolism, having a slimmer body isn't that much of a big dream for them like me and the rest of you outthere. I've heard about of diet plans that consumers claim effective but I haven't heard much of hcg diet recipes. I read it online and now I am planning to do more research about it so I will know if this is something beneficial for me and perhaps for you.

Stay Energized!

In busy days like this, it is important to take body supplement to keep your energy going and keep yourself from getting too tired easily and sickly. Vitamins can help your body's normal growth and for it to function properly. In a demanding environment like what we normally dwell on everyday, we easily lose our energy and focus but having the right body supplement can help you stay in track. Searching for the best multivitamin can be tricky at times but once you find the right one for you. You can talk to your doctor if you need need help in deciding which multivitamin will be good for you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Food Trip

I had to thoroughly clean the kitchen counters and sinks tonight after it was showered with spill from the food that I cooked. I was craving for dried fish and sardines when I get home from work so I decided to cook one. Of course, I have to cook brown rice since I already run out of it. Typical Filipinos know that a "Filipino meal" won't be complete without the rice. I thought we already run out of the cleaning stuff for the granite counters but I was happy to know that hubby just bought some more the other day. Cleaning sinks and counter tops was made easy.

Day After the Holiday

The holiday is over and now I am back to work. After the long weekend, I feel a bit lazy to go back to my daily weekday routine. I am a night person so I hate waking up early in the morning which I have to do to be able to prepare myself for work. Day 1 is already very busy at work and I expect to be always this way till summer ends. Believe it or now but I like the busy days because it makes my day go by fast. Aside from the fact that busy days means good business and job security.