Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Window to the World

I think I need a new laptop with a higher memory for faster internet surfing, processing of data and watching videos/movies. My laptop isn't that old yet; in fact, it will turn only 2 in few months. However, my laptop is now slowly showing some wear and tear which is not very pleasing to the eyes.

Right now, my laptop is green in color with a silver keyboard. My next one I would prefer to have a metallic black including the keyboard because I observe that the silver color starts to peel off faster and soon my laptop will start looking ugly if the silver paint will peel off more if not completely.

The next time I will buy one, I am planning of getting a HP laptop. I guess I am done with Dell for now. I love their product except the very noisy sound once the laptop is on for a longer period of time and the paint starts peeling off sooner that I expect.

How about you? Any plan of getting your lappy anytime soon?

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