Saturday, May 1, 2010

Truly A Gem!

I love my job so much and I will do my best to keep it. Aside from I have one of the best employeers in the DFW area; my co-workers are also wonderful. We are like family and everyone gets along well. Everyone is also doing their best to do their job well so it makes the operation very smooth and everyone's work easier. Base on personal experience, it is very seldom to find a great workplace and beautiful people to work with, who treats everyone as family, that's why I am forever grateful to find this job.

My friend informed me that jobs in administration are open in their company and she wants to apply for it since it is paid more. however, the people who work in that deparment make her thinks twice. She said that a lot of people from that different doesn't have good relationship towards each other which give tension to the whole deparment. As a friend, I advised her to really consider things before making decision because it isn't healthy to work in an environment like the prior.

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