Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pain Go Away

It has been several days now that I have been experiencing a very distracting and annoying pain in my right hips and ankle. I think I have overstretched some of my muscles when I started doing yoga. I believe I didn't do the correct warm up and I shocked my muscles to it. At first, I thought that I had a joint pain due to the extreme cold weather that we had. Back in college, I still remember that I had pain every time I am in an airconditioned room for a long time. So I think it maybe cold related muscle pain. Anyway, if this will not stop until next week then I guess it is best to see a chiropractor. Hubby said that a chiropractor is the best person to talk to about my situation. Well, I really can't attest to it since all I know is, we always to a "manghihilot" in the Philippines whenever we have sprain or unexplainable muscle pain.

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